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Buy Solved CJUS 550 Quiz 2


  1. One criticism of selective incapacitation is the high rate of false positives.
  2. Critics of the indeterminate model of sentencing emphasize all but which key sentencing principle?
  3. The legalistic style of policing emphasizes crime control over crime prevention and uses discretion to keep order.
  4. Response time is strongly linked to citizen satisfaction.
  5. Correctional authorities may not impose punishments on inmates without appropriate due process.
  6. Legalistic-style police are more likely to give a speeding driver a ticket rather than a warning.
  7. What was the purpose behind the Prison Litigation Reform Act?
  8. Intelligence-led policing involves collecting and analyzing information to produce ________ to guide police.
  9. Which policing style is most likely to result in the excessive use of force by the police toward citizens?
  10. Although crime rates in the U.S. began to decline in the mid-1990s, incarceration rates continued to increase into the 2000s.
  11. Which type of inmate is most likely to think of prison as his home?
  12. What is the purpose of an external or initial classification system in corrections?
  13. Which one of the following arguments regarding the death penalty is not an abolitionist rationale?
  14. Prison industries today are limited to state-use systems only.
  15. In women’s prisons, ________ inmates were more likely to be career offenders.
  16. The ADMAX unit is the most high-security federal correctional institution.
  17. may be used by the defense to show reduced criminal responsibility and suggest a lesser sentence is called for.
  18. The indeterminate sentencing model can result in judicial discrimination based on the offender’s race or social class.
  19. SARA and CAPRA are acronyms representing the methodology of ________.
  20. The majority of inmates today have some form of mental illness.
  21. Under the British program of ________, convicted offenders were banished to the American colonies.
  22. The preliminary investigation is carried out by trained crime scene investigators.
  23. The ________ model of corrections emphasized indeterminate sentencing and rehabilitation.


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