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Buy Solved COUC 504 Quiz 4 Sexual Orientation

Buy Solved COUC 504 Quiz 4 Sexual Orientation


COUC 504 Quiz 4: Sexual Orientation

Module 4: Week 4

  1. The preferred term to refer to an individual or group of people who have same-sex feelings and behaviors and who identify with the gay community is
  2. According to the ALGBTIC competencies, competent counselors understand that homosexuality, bisexuality, and gender nonconformity are
  3. Gay affirmative counseling includes
  4. Most new HIV infection rates occur among
  5. Gay men tend to be diagnosed with __________ more than heterosexual men.
  6. Laws in some states restricting same-sex parent adoption is an example of
  7. Conversion therapy was used to
  8. Major goals of gay affirmative counseling include
  9. Lesbians, gay men, and bisexuals
  10. Which of the following is a difference between the identity development of gay men and lesbians, according to Cass (1990)?
  11. Recent research shows that same-sex attraction is 100% genetic and biological.
  12. A client’s religion is an important cultural diversity consideration.
  13. “Coming out” for a lesbian or gay person can involve significant losses.
  14. A fearful attitude of avoidance, discomfort and potential mistreatment of lesbian and gay individuals is known as
  15. The role of religious identity and how it interacts with same-sex attraction continues to be debated in professional mental health associations (APA, ACA, AAMFT).


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Buy Solved COUC 504 Quiz 4 Sexual Orientation
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