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Buy Solved ENGL 333 Quiz 2

Buy Solved ENGL 333 Quiz 2


  1. What is back-formation?
  2. An intransitive verb transfers the action to an indirect object.
  3. A morpheme is the smallest sound unit of a language.
  4. What is “topic” versus “comment”?
  5. Morphology is the study of phrase forms.
  6. A grammatical subject:
  7. Morphemes can change the part of speech of a word.
  8. The word “tree” can function as a noun or a verb.
  9. Some grammar does not consider “be” to be a verb at all but in a separate category.
  10. Where do English words come from?
  11. A local or regional dialect of English can often exhibit bad grammar.
  12. A transitive verb:
  13. In Module Two’s video presentation, what was the issue with “popular versus “popular”?
  14. Prefixes and suffixes are free morphemes.
  15. A linking verb:

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