Buy Solved FIN 565 Case Studies plus Course Project (Bundle)


Buy Solved FIN 565 Case Studies plus Course Project Bundle


FIN 565 Week 1 Group Formation-Establish Team, Prepare Team Charter

FIN-565 Week 2 Case Study

Small Business Dilemma, page 130, text.

1. Given Jim’s expectation, forecast whether the pound will appreciate or depreciate against the dollar over time.
2. Given Jim’s expectation, will the Sports Exports Company be favorably or unfavorably affected by future changes in the value of the pound?

FIN 565 Week 3 Case Study

Small Business Dilemma, page 255, text

Assessment of Prevailing Spot and Forward Rates by the Sports Exports Company

  1. Do you think Logan will be able to find a bank that provides him with a more favorable spot rate than his local bank?
  2. Do you think that Logan’s bank is likely to provide more reasonable quotations for the spot rate of the British pound if it is the only bank in town that provides foreign exchange services?

FIN 565 Week 5 Case Study

Internet/Excel Exercises, page 434, text
IBM has substantial operations in many countries, including the United States, Canada, and Germany. Go to

1. Click on Historical Prices. (Or apply this exercise to a different MNC.) Set the date range so that you can obtain quarterly values of the U.S. stock index for the last 20 quarters.
2. Go to and click (under “Europe”) on DAX, which represents the German stock market index. Repeat the process described in exercise 1 so that you can assess IBM’s sensitivity to the German stock market.

FIN 565 Week 6 Case Study

Small Business Dilemma, page 501, text
Multinational Restructuring by the Sports Exports Company

1. Are there any reasons why the business that has been so successful in the United Kingdom might not be successful in other European countries?
2. If the business is diversified throughout Europe, will this substantially reduce the exposure of the Sports Exports Company to exchange rate risk?
3. Now that several countries in Europe participate in a single currency system, will this affect the performance of new expansion throughout Europe?

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