Buy Solved Liberty University CJUS 323 Exam 1


Buy Solved Liberty University CJUS 323 Exam 1

  1. The contacts the same households every six months for a period of three years, with one-sixth of the sample dropping out and being replaced every six months.
  2. There are the most widely used and cited official measures of crime in the United States.
  3. The police are mandated by law to submit data for the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report (UCR).
  4. The Uniform Crime Report data are far superior to the National Crime Victimization Survey data.
  5. Which is NOT a Part I crime, by the UCR measurement?
  6.            -level crime prevention looks at large communities, society as a whole, or other very large collectives.
  7.            within the realm of criminal justice “identifies conditions of the physical and social environment that provide opportunities for or precipitate criminal acts”
  8.            engages in the early identification of potential offenders and seeks to intervene.
  9.            -level crime prevention looks at larger communities or neighborhoods, or larger groups of individuals or businesses.
  10.            -level crime prevention targets individuals, small groups, small areas, or small businesses for intervention. These interventions may be very site-specific and target individual vulnerabilities.
  11.            , the principle of “an eye for an eye.”
  12. The preventive nature of the juvenile system can be seen in the parens patriae philosophy.
  13. The largest problem, which kind of evaluation, involves setting monetary values on factors that are not easily enumerated
  14. Which is NOT necessarily a threat to external validity?
  15. Ekblom and Pease (1995) argue that research is often viewed as addressing two research goals using diverse methodologies.
  16. There are relatively no problems with relying exclusively on experimental designs in crime prevention.
  17. An inspection of the crime prevention literature reveals great diversity in the methodologies applied in the search for what works in prevention.
  18.            refers to the ability and desire of legitimate users of an area to lay claim to the area.
  19. There are generations of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED).
  20.            seeks to allow only those persons who have legitimate business in an area to enter.
  21.            proposes “a model which inhibits crime by creating a physical expression of a social fabric which defends itself.”
  22. Pease (1999) suggests that lighting may impact crime through various mechanisms.
  23. Third-generation CPTED included four major components. Which is NOT one of them?
  24.            -generation CPTED seeks to directly build social cohesion, citizen participation, and resident action.
  25. Using the figure above, what could happen when there is a doctor’s office prescribing too many controlled drugs?
  26. These programs utilize many of the same forms of intervention, including physical design changes, surveillance, group meetings, phone hotlines for anonymous reporting to the police, and citizen patrols, but also add activities directly targeted at drug problems, such as demanding enforcement of zoning and housing codes in order to eliminate drug houses:
  27.            directly seeks to bring residents of an area together as a means of enhancing knowledge of one another and their ability to recognize who belongs and who does not in the area.
  28. The British government provided funds for local initiatives aimed at reducing crime and the fear of crime, and the creation of safer cities, for this program:
  29. Under displacement, the offender utilizes new means to commit the same offense.
  30. The fact that offenders will travel to commit crimes is known as
  31.            displacement, the movement of offending to another period while remaining in the same area.
  32.            means that the commission of crime decreases as the distance from the offender’s home increases.
  33. Crime displacement represents a change in crime due to the preventive actions of the individual or society.
  34. Reppetto (1976) offers five forms of displacement. Which is NOT one of them?
  35.            displacement is the most frequently discussed and represents the movement of crime from one location to another.
  36. Among the earliest unsolved crimes programs is/are:
  37. The media does an outstanding job when it comes to criminal justice.
  38. The basic idea underlying Crime Stoppers has been expanded in recent years due to the growth of the.
  39. Crime Stoppers International (2015) claims that almost cases have been cleared since 1976.
  40. The National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign sponsored by the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy does appear to be having success.
  41. The long-term commitment required, along with the typically large time gap between program initiation and outcome, is a tough sell for many who want something to be done now.
  42. Peer-Coaching involves pairing adult volunteers with youths in need of friendship, emotional support, guidance, and advice.
  43. This explanation assumes that failures in early child rearing by parents lead to low self-control by the individual and a much greater chance that crime and deviance will be expressed.
  44. The Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies (PATHS) program has been recognized as a model program in skills training.
  45. Developmental crime prevention targets the potential of individuals to become criminals.
  46. Studies find that offenders, as well as the general population, often hold the same perceptions of legal codes and changes in the law.
  47.            (deterrent effect of punishment) involves making certain that punishments provide enough pain to offset the pleasure received from the criminal act.
  48. The research presents contradictory results on the deterrent effect of sentences, particularly the death penalty.
  49.            (deterrent effect of punishment) deals with the chances of being caught and punished for one’s behavior.
  50. Deterrence can be broken down into two distinct types. What are they? Select all that apply.
  51. Define Crime Through Environmental Design.


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