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Buy Solved Liberty University ENGL 216 Quiz 4

Buy Solved Liberty University ENGL 216 Quiz 4

  1. “Dulce Et Decorum Est” means:
  2. Heart of Darkness contains psychological realism.
  3. This poem argues that men should fight death.
  4. Layers of narration in Heart of Darkness can be viewed as a reflection of the Modern lack of absolutes.
  5. This poem by Yeats contains an image of a gyre, symbolic of paradoxes of time and eternity, change and continuity, spirit and the body, life, and art:
  6. When reading Heart of Darkness, white/light always refers to ‘good’, and black/dark always refers to evil.
  7. By the beginning of World War I, nearly half of the earth’s surface was under British domination.
  8. This poem is full of stumbling, fumbling, tired, hopeless, dying men depicting a ghastly scene of war and of a man drowning in poisonous gas.
  9. “The Darkling Thrush” takes place during which season?
  10. In “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock,” Prufrock believes the mermaids will sing to him.
  11. “Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night” can only be interpreted as a work about fighting death.
  12. In Heart of Darkness at the Central Station, a man tries to extinguish a fire with:
  13. This work states, “[F]or great poets do not die; they are continuing presences; they need only the opportunity to walk among us in the flesh”:
  14. In “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock,” Prufrock has measured out his life with coffee spoons.
  15. In “Journey of the Magi,” the Magi have a hard and cold time finding Christ.
  16. “The Darkling Thrush” takes place at the end of a day, at the end of the year, at the end of a century.
  17. A Room of ones Own imagines that Shakespeare had a gifted sister named:
  18. In “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock,” Prufrock believes himself to be like Hamlet.
  19. A Room of ones Own imagines Shakespeare’s equally talented sister:
  20. The early twentieth century brought countless advances in technology, including:
  21. “Journey of the Magi” does not embellish the biblical account of the Magi’s journey to find Christ.
  22. This poem is the keystone poem of the Modern Period.
  23. A Room of ones Own suggests that women writers need forerunners, for masterpieces are not solitary in nature.
  24. In “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock,” Prufrock is confident and self-assured.
  25. This author posits “It would have been impossible, completely and entirely, for any woman to have written the plays of Shakespeare in the age of Shakespeare”:
  26. This work suggests that to be effective, female writers must curb emotions and embrace a new (feminine) language:
  27. The links “In a solitude of the sea / Deep from human vanity, / And the Pride of Life that panned her, stilly couches she” are from what work?
  28. In this poem by Auden, the speaker is at a museum contemplating pictures.
  29. In “Journey of the Magi,” the Magi return home and are comfortable with their old ways of life.
  30. In Heart of Darkness, his last words are “The Horror! The Horror!”:
  31. In “Church Going,” Larkin seems to suggest that belief in the unbelievable is preferable to no belief at all.
  32. “Call me Mary Beton, Mary Seton, Mary Carmichael, or by any name you please – it is not a matter of any importance” is from which work?
  33. The end of the nineteenth century is also known as:
  34. In this work, the author contemplates and analyzes the dimensions of social space for women.
  35. In Heart of Darkness, what does Kurtz place around his home in the Congo?
  36. The speaker in this poem is spiritually hungry:
  37. Virginia Wolff describes this novel as “deformed and twisted” in comparison to Jane Austen:
  38. In “Ah, Are You Digging on My Grave?” there is a perception that no one cares if one lives or dies.
  39. The third and fourth lines of this poem state, “Things fall apart; the center cannot hold; / Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world”:
  40. This work proposes that writing is a gendered space.
  41. In Modern literature, writers embrace absolutes.
  42. Conrad pulls from personal experience in his writings.
  43. In Heart of Darkness, Marlowe encounters the Outer Station:
  44. In Heart of Darkness, Kurtz is faithful to the Intended.
  45. This work stresses the importance of money and a private room for women:
  46. This work focuses on the relationship between women and fiction.
  47. This author adamantly decrees, “It would have been impossible, completely and entirely, for any woman to have written the plays of Shakespeare in the age of Shakespeare.”
  48. Oscar Wilde can be seen as an early modern, a forerunner of the twentieth century’s renovations of dramatic form.
  49. “Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night” could be interpreted as a poem celebrating carpe diem.
  50. This poem is a reactionary poem in which the speaker reacts to a horrible war and the lie being told about it:

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