Buy Solved POS409 V1-Program 2- Guess Number

Buy Solved POS409 V1-Program 2-Guess Number

Program 2

Summary: A new 007 employee is working on a classified mission. The program will randomly pick an expected profit and the user will attempt to guess the random number.

Required Program Data: N/A

Important concepts to know before you start:
1. Write down on paper:
a. How the program is intended to work
b. Invalid user input to reject
i. Out-of-range guesses
ii. Invalid input
c. How to provide user notifications (without providing duplicate messages).
2. Random number generator:
a. Random.Next Method (Int32, Int32). Read the MSDN parameters very closely!

1. Option Strict is coded in ‘Form1.vb.’
2. Rename ‘Form1.vb’ to FirstName_LastName_P2.vb (for example, ‘John_Smith__P2.vb’).
3. Code must compile without Errors/Warnings
4. Create a Help menu bar item that uses a msgbox to show valued info on program usage, rates, and program requirements.
5. Program does not encounter runtime errors that result in a crash or console errors
6. A Msgbox is not used in any way for this program (except for Menu->Help)
7. Code is easy to read, ie general programming practice. UI items and variables are named meaningful. Not just, emp3, ckboxA, Label7, button1, txtbox2 etc.
8. Code is well commented and has technical comments

9. Form UI closely matches the provided example in Course FilesProgram Examples
10. Random number generated is between the range of >=1 and = 900.
11. When the user clicks guess, every guess text is cleared from the textbox.
12. A correct guess, changes the entire form to read.
13. In-range guesses provide the user with a ‘too high’ or ‘too low’ hint on a label.
14. In-range guesses are added to the guess history
15. Invalid guesses do not obtain a ‘too high’ or ‘too low
16. Invalid guesses are not added to the history and the user is notified of the error.
17. A Progress bar tracks valid guesses to the 5-guess max.
18. Game is limited to 5 guesses by locking the textbox and disabling the ‘Guess’ Button
19. A “Reset” button clears the entire form as if no game has been played.
20. A random number is generated for each game.
21. “Show Answer” button displays the ‘number’ on a label and allows the same game to continue with the same random number.


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