Buy Solved PSYC 255 Discussion 3

Buy Solved PSYC 255 Discussion 3

PSYC 255 Discussion 3

PSYC 255 Discussion 3 Liberty University

Topic: Consider these statements:

“Research methods can be godly.”

“Research methods can be ungodly.”

Thread Prompt: Present an argument in your thread that supports EACH of these 2 statements. Separate your writings (do not mix these 2 statements as 1 statement), and label them as “Statement 1” and “Statement 2” in your post. Include in your post a Scripture verse that you could use to support each statement. Explain how the Scripture you chose supports your statements. There will be 2 parts to your thread, and you should have 2 separate verses; 1 for each statement. For this Discussion Board post, you may ask a friend, a church staff member, or someone else to help you identify some Scripture references for you to use with your original writings. Although this person can help you identify Scripture that might be applicable, you need to do your own thinking and writing about it. You are not required to ask someone for help, but that option is available to you if you want to do that. If you use someone’s help, be sure to include appropriate APA-style citations and references for that person

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