Buy Solved PSYC 312 Quiz 7


Buy Solved Liberty University PSYC 312 Quiz 7

  1. Your boss is upset at you for being late so often. Assuming you’ve already apologized, if you wanted to reduce your boss’s anger, one good strategy is to
  2. According to your textbook, most social psychologists agree that aggression is a(n) ________ strategy.
  3. Frustration increases the probability of an aggressive response but does not inevitably lead to such a response (e.g., Berkowitz, 1993Several of situational factors work to accentuate frustration, further increasing the odds of aggression. For example, frustration is accentuated when we
  4. Which of the following is true about whether or not punishing aggression reduced aggressive behavior?
  5. Based on social-cognitive learning theory, what is one reason why parents who were abused as children are more likely to abuse thewn children in turn?
  6. Chip and Dale get into a bitter fight over who owes what for their large phone bill. Chip is frustrated that Dale won’t see his side of the argument. Which of the following will increase the odds that Chip will resort to physical aggression against Dale? Dale
  7. You are about to leave on vacation and your brother is driving you to the airport. Unfortunately, you get to the airport too late and you find out that your flight has already left. Under which of the following conditions are you most likely to feel aggressive toward your brother and want to scream at him?
  8. Research has explained why men are less likely to apologize. Why is that?
  9. __________ refers to the perception that you (or your group) have less than you were led to expect or less than similar others have.
  10. Ed is steaming mad and ready to punch the next person he sees. According to the authors of your text, what is the first, best thing he should do to help him resolve his anger effectively?
  11. Which of the following is the best example of hostile aggression?
  12. Desdemona is having a bad day. As she runs to answer the phone, she bangs her knee on the coffee table. Cursing and limping, Desdemona grabs the phone and is rude to the person at the other end of the line. This is an example of
  13. In Bandura’s famous “Bobo” doll study, he had some children watch a woman aggress against an inflated doll, while other children did not watch an aggressive act. Bandura found that the children who watched someone beat up the doll were later
  14. Based on research on the idea of catharsis, what is the bottom line—does catharsis work to reduce aggression?
  15. Which of the following is the best example of instrumental aggression?
  16. Online bullying is a particularly __________.
  17. Research on the effects of aggressive stimuli shows that
  18. Two children, Jane and Joan, have been eyeing a new water pistol in the local toy store for months. Each is convinced that her parents will buy her the water pistol as soon as summer comes. Yesterday, Jane’s parents bought her the water pistol, which turned out to be the last one in the store. As soon as Joan found out, she had a temper tantrum and hit Jane in the stomach. ________ best explains Joan’s behavior.
  19. Teresa punches a pillow every time she feels aggression building up toward her younger brother, and this makes her feel relieved and more relaxed. Such an outcome supports the notion of
  20. When children were randomly assigned to watch either a violent film or an exciting film about bicycle racing and then played floor hockey (Josephson, 1987), children who
  21. Extrapolating from the research on relational aggression, which of the following would be the best thing a parent could teach a young girl?
  22. Jim watches a heavy dose of violent TV cop shows. According to research presented in the text, what is one likely outcome of this behavior? Jim will
  23. Research demonstrates that, when shown a model who responds to provocation in a restrained, pleasant manner, children
  24. Jenkins was backing out of his driveway and accidentally hit his neighbor (whom he dislikes) as he was biking by. Why isn’t this act aggressive?
  25. Jeff is participating in a research study where he is given several drinks. He is told that the goal is to get his blood alcohol level to a point just shy of the legal driving limit. However, he ly only getting a nonalcoholic mixer and fruit juice. How will Jeff behave toward another participant who just insulted his favorite sports team managednage to spill a drink on Jeff’s shoes, and why?

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