Download Guided BIOS 105 Midterm


Download Guided BIOS 105 Midterm


  1. Question. (TCO 8) Preparing the body for the fight-or-flight response during threatening situations is the role of the (Points: 2)
  2. Question. (TCO 8) The gap between two communicating neurons is termed (Points: 2)
  3. Question. (TCO 8) A neuron with a cell body located in the CNS whose primary function is connecting other neurons is called a(n) (Points: 2)
  4. Question. (TCO 8) Sound waves entering the external auditory canal hit the eardrum, also known as the (Points: 2)
  5. Question. (TCO 8) An ear infection following an illness, such as a cold, has passed from the throat through the auditory tube to the (Points: 2)
  6. Question. (TCO 9) Insulin is produced by cells of the pancreatic islets called (Points: 2)
  7. Question. (TCO 9) Insulin causes (Points: 2)
  8. Question. (TCO 9) Growth hormone (Points: 2)
  9. Question. (TCO 7) A sarcomere is (Points: 2)
  10. Question. (TCO 6) There are _____ vertebrae in the neck region. (Points: 2)
  11. Question. (TCO 5) Which of the following is a vital function of the skin? (Points: 2)
  12. Question. (TCO 4) The tissue that is usually well vascularized and has an extensive extracellular matrix is called (Points: 2)
  13. Question. (TCO 3) Which of these characteristics best describes cardiac muscle tissue? (Points: 2)
  14. Question. (TCO 2) Atomic mass is equivalent to the number of _____ in an atom. (Points: 2)
  15. Question. (TCO 1) Your body thermostat is located in a part of the brain called the hypothalamus. Which of the following elements of a control system does this area in the brain represent? (Points: 2)
  16. Question. (TCO 1) Match the following anatomical terms to their meaning. (Points: 8)
  17. Question. (TCO 1) Match the function to the body system. (Points: 6)
  18. Question. (TCO 3) Match the following. (Points: 8)
  19. Question. (TCO 4) Match the following. (Points: 4)

Potential Matches:
1: specialized to contract, or shorten
2: fit closely together to form sheets
3: has an extracellular matrix
4: irritability is the main function of this tissue

  1. Question. (TCO 6) Match the following. (Points: 5)

Potential Matches:
1: pivot joint
2: plane joint
3: condyloid joint
4: ball and socket joint
5: hinge joint

  1. Question. (TCO 7) Match the following. (Points: 5)

Potential Matches:
1: light band
2: sarcomere
3: actin
4: sarcolemma
5: dark band

  1. Question. (TCO 8) Match the following. (Points: 8)

Potential Matches:
1: convey impulses toward the cell body of a neuron
2: a living barrier between capillaries and neurons
3: phagocytic cells that dispose of debris
4: protects and insulates nerve fibers
5: the junction between an axon terminal and the next neuron
6: conduct impulses away from the cell body of a neuron
7: from the myelin sheath
8: gaps in the myelin sheath

  1. Question. (TCO 8) Match the following actions with the appropriate hormone. (Points: 6)

Potential Matches:
1: thymosin
2 : antidiuretic hormone
3: glucagon
4: growth hormone
5: prolactin
6: calcitonin

  1. Question. (TCO 2) Discuss the major properties of water that make it so vital to the proper functioning of the body. (Points: 10)
  2. Question. (TCO 4) Because epithelial tissues have no blood supply, how do these tissues receive nourishment? (Points: 10)
  3. Question. (TCO 7) What are the pathways for the regeneration of ATP during muscle contraction? (Points: 10)
  4. Question. (TCO 9) Distinguish between steroid hormone action and nonsteroid hormone action. (Points: 10)

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