Download Guided BIOS 252 Week 5 Case Study, Lab Assignment, Discussion (Bundle)


Download Guided BIOS 252 Week 5 Case Study Lab Assignment Discussion Bundle


BIOS 252 Week 5 Case Study Assignment: Special Senses

BIOS-252 Week 5 Nervous System- Sensation – Lab Assignment

BIOS 252 Week 5 Discussion: Sensory, Motor, and Integrative Systems

Initial Post Instructions

Tiana has had a long hard day at work. After a 12-hour shift of being on her feet, she just wants to soak her feet and go to bed. Before sticking her legs into the tub, she touches the water with her hand to gauge the temperature. Trace the pathway involved in transmitting the sensation of heat from her right hand to the cerebral cortex. Make sure to include what type of nerve ending would be involved as well as what area(s) of the brain will the information be transmitted to.


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