Download Guided CHHI 300 Quiz World Christianity II


Download Guided CHHI 300 Quiz World Christianity II


CHHI 300 Quiz: World Christianity II

  1. Many European missionaries died from the disease.
  2. According to the line agreed to by Spain and Portugal, Spain received control of most of the Americas and Portugal of Africa.
  3. Most Latin American countries achieved independence in the 1800s.
  4. Christianity south of the Sahara first penetrated into Africa along the coasts.
  5. The Sudan Interior Mission began work in western Africa in the early 1900s.
  6. Christianity did not reach western Africa until the 1600s.
  7. More African slaves went to Brazil than to the United States.
  8. Christians were persecuted in Uganda in the 1800s.
  9. World Christianity is witnessing a drive toward the indigenization of Christianity.
  10. The first Protestant missionary to Nigeria was from the Church of England.
  11. The Spanish were able to maintain control of the West Indies until World War II.
  12. Many African countries gained their independence in the 1940s, right after the end of World War II.
  13. While the Portuguese first explored Africa in the late
    In the 1400s, Protestant European countries dominated by the end of the 1800s.
  14. Match the region to its description.
  15. The English established forts and churches along the Gambia river as early as the 1400s.
  16. The first Catholic Council in Latin America occurred in the 1500s.
  17. Pentecostalism was not very popular in Latin America.
  18. Protestantism has always dominated Africa, especially since no Catholic country was able to dominate African colonization.
  19. In 1537, the pope issued a bull that stated that Native Americans did have souls.
  20. Christopher Columbus brought missionaries with him on his first trip to the “New World.”


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