Download Guided CIS170 Lab 7 in C#


Download Guided CIS170 Lab 7 in C Hash


CIS170A Week 7 Lab in C# – Fully Commented Code – 100% Score
CIS170B Week 7 Lab in C# – Fully Commented Code – 100% Score
CIS170C Week 7 Lab in C# – Fully Commented Code – 100% Score
Scenario and Summary
You will code, build, and execute a program requiring GUI and sequential files.
Submit the following to this week’s Dropbox:
1. A zipped Visual Studio project folder for each programming exercise. Refer to the Deliverables section of the Week 1 iLab page for detailed instructions on how to zip a project folder.
2. A single MS Word file named YourLastName_Lab1_ex1.docx containing the following items:
• The source code for each program in the lab: Your source code should use proper indentation, include meaningful comments, and be error-free. Start each with a specification that includes your name, the lab, and exercise number, and a description of what the program accomplishes, similar to this: 

/* Specification:
First Name Last Name
Lab 1 Exercise#
This program does X */
• Labeled screenshot(s) of the output windows for each program, showing that each program produces correct results
NOTE: A screenshot of a window can be created by first clicking on it to activate it. Next, press the key or key combination your specific computer uses to do a “print screen” (typically the Prnt Scrn or Prnt key in combination with the ctrl or FN key). Then, click the MS Word “paste” option to paste the screenshot into the MS Word file.
Objectives and Grading
Lab Objectives:
1. To be able to explain the need for menus in a program
2. To be able to determine ways to implement menus in a Windows application
3. To be able to understand the classes and objects used in a Windows application
4. To be able to write a Windows application
5. Using the StreamWriter class, be able to write lines of output to a text file to create a report.
Your lab grade will be based upon:
1. the formatting of your source code;
2. the use of meaningful identifiers;
3. the extent of internal documentation; and
4. the degree to which an exercise’s specifications are met.

If you are using the Citrix remote lab, follow the login instructions located in the iLab tab in Course Home.
iLab Steps

Part A: Contact Manager
Your mission: Write a Windows application that gets names and addresses
from the user and displays a list of all of the user’s contacts. Each time the user
enters a new contact, he/she should able to see it added to a list of previously
stored contacts. For example, in the following sample output below, after the
user clicks the “Add Contact” button, the list will include John Mann’s contact
information at the bottom.
Sample output:


When the “Add Contact” button is clicked
Open an output file stream for appending
Write the contact’s name and address in the file
Close the file stream
Clear the list
Open an input file stream for reading
Add each line of the file to the list
Close the file stream
When the form closes Close the input and output file streams


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