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Download Guided COUC 604 Comm Disaster Referral

Download Guided COUC 604 Comm Disaster Referral


Community Disaster and Referral Plan Assignment

The Community Disaster and Referral Plan Assignment is a practical assignment designed to familiarize the student with the scope, nature, and extent of crisis services available within his/her local community and to familiarize himself/herself with the importance of being able to employ a community in action in time of a crisis. Preventing situations like what happened in New Orleans during Katrina. Refer to the Disaster Mental Health Guidebook found in the course. In addition to identifying local referral agencies and the significance of working closely within his/her community to establish a well-organized disaster plan, the mental health professional is held to high standards of proper self-care. After reading the Crisis Intervention; The Neurobiology of Crisis the student will be required to develop a self-care treatment plan for himself/herself. This plan must take into account the five areas needed for a balanced lifestyle. This assignment will have 3 parts.


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Download Guided COUC 604 Comm Disaster Referral
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