Download Guided DA261 Third Deliverable

Download Guided DA261 Third Deliverable


DA261 – Third deliverable – Journey College Internship- Screenshots&statement attached-A+ solution

Part 3:

In the table named Internship (that has already been created), fill in the table using anything we want. It looks like you started this, just need to complete all fields.
Create a Student Internship table with the following fields:
SSN, Internship ID, Year, Term
SSN is social security number.
Year is 1999,2000,2001,2002,2003, etc…..
The term is Fall, Spring, and Summer.
So, you just have to modify your existing table it looks like.
This query will more or less connect the needed tables:
SELECT SSN, Internship. internship, Year, Term, Agency Name, Title, Description of Duties
FROM Student Internship, Internship, Agency
WHERE StudentInternship.internship = Internship.internship AND Internship. Agency = Agency. agency
Change Password to DA261 on VB Switchboard
Any other clean-up of forms, etc. Making it look uniform and “pretty” / “professional”.


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Download Guided DA261 Third Deliverable
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