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Download Guided ENGL 333 Final

Download Guided ENGL 333 Final


  1. In the sentence “That rabbits multiply so fast worries people”:
  2. A transitive verb:
  3. Adverbs are like adjectives in that they modify nouns.
  4. A conjunctive adverb can be a subordinating conjunction.
  5. “That” is often used to signal a noun clause.
  6. An intransitive verb transfers the action to an indirect object.
  7. What is the predicate in the following: “They flew over the housetops.”
  8. Adverbs:
  9. An appositive adjective precedes the modified noun.
  10. What are the functions of prepositional phrases?
  11. A noun clause is simply a clause that has a noun.
  12. In the sentence, “Candy is bad,” the subject is “candy.”
  13. The following has a clause within a clause: “I saw that which he stepped upon.”
  14. In the sentence “She is very tall”:
  15. What are the functions of “that” in the following: “Gourmets know that Julia Child wrote that
  16. The sentence “He is a worldly person” has an adverb.
  17. The progressive aspect is represented as a past-perfect form of a verb.
  18. A relative pronoun can be “who” or “that.”
  19. What is a subordinate conjunction?
  20. What is the subject of the independent clause in the following: “While he ate, John saw his friend outside falling down the hill.”
  21. A relative clause is the same thing as an adjective clause.
  22. All sentences are clauses.
  23. The following has a prepositional particle: “He ran onto a platform.”
  24. An infinitive phrase is a preposition “in” plus a bare form of a verb.
  25. In the sentence “The two kids were in a hurry”
  26. The sentence “Sara has shoes that have holes in them” has a relative clause modifying “Sara.”
  27. “Tom,” “Janet,” Edward,” etc., are examples of pronouns.
  28. An adjective may be found before or after the modified noun.
  29. In the sentence “It is raining”, “it” is a dummy subject or has no reference.
  30. The three basic verb types are transitive, linking, and equative.
  31. “And” is a conjunctive adverb.
  32. Which is the adjective in the following? “She was very tall.”
  33. What is “case” in reference to English pronouns?
  34. In the sentence “That subject bores me,” “that” introduces a noun clause.
  35. A grammatical subject:
  36. The Expletive “there” replaces the object in a clause.
  37. In the following sentence, “What she does baffles people”:
  38. Which of the following contains an adjectival?
  39. The grammatical subject of a clause is always a noun.
  40. Which of the following is “form,” not “function?
  41. “This, that, these, and those” are examples of demonstrative pronouns.
  42. Which of the following has an adjective clause?
  43. A restrictive relative clause merely adds information.
  44. What is the main verb or verb phrase in the following: “Because the driver was careless his truck was hit by a speeding train.”
  45. What is the subject of the following: “To err is human.”
  46. Subordinate conjunction can signal an adverbial.
  47. An adjective clause is found after the modified noun.
  48. What is the auxiliary rule?
  49. How is a transitive verb di” event from an intransitive one?
  50. A linking verb:

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