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Download Guided HSM 542 Weekly Discussions Altogether Weeks 1 – 8

Download Guided HSM 542 Weekly Discussions Altogether Weeks 1-8


HSM 542 Week 1 Discussion 1: Intentional Torts in Healthcare

HSM-542 Week 1 Discussion 2: Most Pressing Ethical Issues

HSM-542 Week 2 Discussion 1:  Delineation of Clinical Privileges

HSM 542 Week 2 Discussion 2: Ethics Committee

HSM 542 Week 3 Discussion 1: Roe V. Wade

HSM-542 Week 3 Discussion 2: New Reproductive Technologies

HSM-542 Week 4 Discussion 1: Informed Consent

HSM 542 Week 4 Discussion 2: Patient Self-Determination Act

HSM 542 Week 5 Discussion 1: Death With Dignity Act

HSM-542 Week 5 Discussion 2: Schiavo Case

HSM-542 Week 6 Discussion 1: Professional Liability

HSM 542 Week 6 Discussion 2: Risk Management

HSM-542 Week 7 Discussion 1: Healthcare Reform

HSM 542 Week 7 Discussion 2: International Healthcare

HSM-542 Week 8 Discussion: Looking Ahead


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Download Guided HSM 542 Weekly Discussions Altogether Weeks 1 – 8
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