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Download Guided Liberty ARTS 214 Research Paper

Download Guided Liberty ARTS 214 Research Paper


  1. Choose a topic
    1. In this assignment, you will be writing a paper of at least 1,500 words (not counting title and bibliography) on a particular technology of your choice from past to
    2. You must choose a technology, the impact of which you find interesting, and whether or not it is something you have used personally.
    3. Special attention must be given to addressing the impact on religion, region, and culture as a result of the technology’s introduction, as well as how the technology has specifically affected art. You must choose a topic that will allow you to discuss art and culture, and You must also be able to discuss how your chosen technology has been used for the good and/or ill of mankind.
    4. You must cite at least 5 references in the current MLA
    5. This topic must be cleared by the instructor so you are sure you have a viable topic that covers all areas. You can post as many times as it takes for your topic to be
  2. Once you know you have a viable topic, begin to formulate how you intend to approach the
    1. You need to correlate the technology, how and why it sprang from the particular culture, and how that in turn affected the art of the culture.
    2. Look in particular at these areas:
      1. What particular thing that man does already did the technology enhance?
      2. Why would man desire to enhance or change how that particular thing is done?
  • What was happening at the time in that culture that pushed the desire to enhance that particular thing?
  1. Were there technologies that had to be invented before this technology was possible?
  2. What did this technology make obsolete?
  3. What is innate morality and what is the popular use of this technology?
  • What ideological bias might this technology have?
  • Has the technology been used for good, evil, or both?
  1. What are the potential pitfalls of this technology?
  2. How does/did this technology affect or change art directly?
  3. How does/did this technology affect or change the culture directly?
  4. Once you have answered most of these questions to your mind’s confidence (or at least once you see evidence that it is possible to answer these questions), begin to outline how you expect to approach the topic in these elements:
    1. The enhancement(s) of what man did/does
    2. The historical setting
    3. The cultural setting
    4. The movement in the direction of this technology
      1. Other technological developments prior to your selected technology
      2. Possible philosophical/spiritual movements (at least think about them)
  • Implications for good and evil
  • Future of the technology
  • There must be at least 5 sources for your research.

Steps to a great paper:

  1. Begin with your topic as outlined
  2. Research the topic Use the library and the library search engine by topic. You can also use Google Scholar to find articles or books. Google Books is helpful and JSTOR is particularly helpful for articles when you are on the campus network. JSTOR can be accessed off-campus through EZProxy. Remember, how you cite references differs between books and internet sources. For citation information, visit the Liberty University Online Writing Center. You can also utilize a citation maker online.
  3. Be careful taking information from the internet!
    1. Internet references that do not list their sources must be considered suspect and not used for the paper. It is always good to research to look up an author’s sources to see if they quoted information Wikipedia must not be used as a source.
  4. It greatly helps to write an outline for your paper, giving the main points you wish to cover; includes a minimal amount on the technology’s inner workings or production, but covers mainly its influence and use. Be self-critical and ask:
    1. Do I spend too much time on information and not enough on analysis?
    2. Do I show a logical progression of the technology’s influences and development?
    3. What are the religious, philosophical, or political uses?
    4. Do I cover where this technology might take us?
    5. Your outline must meet the following criteria:
  • Document format must have margins of no greater than 1
  • Paragraph line spacing must be 5 lines.
  • The font must be Times New Roman, 12
  • MLA format is the Studio & Digital Arts Department


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Download Guided Liberty ARTS 214 Research Paper
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