Download Guided Liberty CJUS 420 Exam 3


Download Guided Liberty CJUS 420 Exam 3

  1. When interviewing children, interrogators should avoid asking the question ____, because it tends to sound accusatory.
  2. A common indicator of suicide using a knife is:
  3. A recent technologic innovation in robbery investigation is: Studies have shown that the ties between ____ and violence are unmistakable and that this type of behavior is a predictor of abusive or violent behavior.
  4. A study of 800 homicide cases found that investigators are more likely to clear a homicide in:
  5. In assessing victim-offender relationship (VOR), violence that is goal-directed predatory behavior used to exert control – such as a carjacker who shoots his victim before stealing the vehicle – is referred to as what type of violence?
  6. Which of the following is a risk factor contributing to an increased chance of child maltreatment?
  7. The criminal or noncriminal, felonious or nonfelonious taking of life by another human or by an agency, such as the government, is called:
  8. Which of the below are the most common methods of homicidal poisoning?
  9. Which three law enforcement approaches have emerged as models to combat child sexual exploitation?
  10. Elder abuse is:
  11. Certain offenders are likely to be obsessed with keeping trophies and recordings of their assaults, and therefore any search warrant applications in such cases should include photographs, records, scripts, letters, diaries, audiotapes, videotapes, and newspaper reports of the crime. These offenders are called:
  12. Which of the following is a sex offense?
  13. Which of the following statements is true with regard to death investigations
  14. An unlawful attack by one person on another in order to inflict severe bodily injury and which often involves the use of a dangerous weapon and is a felony is called:
  15. Shotgun wounds produce ____ than single bullets.
  16. Using children in pornography is best defined as an example of:
  17. Which of the following categories are used to define robbery?
  18. The study of poisons can determine the type of poison, the amount ingested, the approximate time ingested, and the effect on the body. This field of study is called:
  19. Most reports of child abuse are made by:
  20. The Child Protection Act prohibits:
  21. Acknowledging the severe and dangerous nature of drug-assisted sexual assaults, the Drug-Induced Rape Prevention and Punishment Act, signed in 1996, allows courts to impose prison sentences on anyone who distributes an illicit drug to someone intending to commit sexual assault for up to:
  22. It can be assumed that a victim dies on land if:
  23. A robbery occurring in a parking lot or alley would be classified as a:
  24. Generally, the three elements of robbery are:
  25. Deterrents to convenience store robberies include:
  26. In what type of interview do you carefully question the victim about the rapist’s behavior, analyze the behavior to ascertain the motivation underlying the assault, and then compile a profile of the individual likely to have committed the crime?
  27. Why would clothing and disguises discarded by the robber upon leaving the scene be valuable evidence if discovered?
  28. The first priority in a preliminary homicide investigation is to:
  29. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) has a congressionally mandated program that is a reporting mechanism for child sexual exploitation. What is it called?
  30. To prosecute for the crime of robbery, officers must:
  31. Which of the following are examples of indicator crimes?
  32. Physical evidence that indicates the severity of an assault mat includes which of the following?
  33. The dynamics of same-sex domestic violence are similar to those of opposite-sex domestic violence in many respects. Which if the following statements is true?
  34. To assist in preventing sex crimes against children, parents should:
  35. Sex offenders, particularly those who abuse young children, are referred to as:
  36. The Supreme Court has clarified its limitation on civil commitment, saying that there must be:
  37. Under Roman law, the father has the power of life and death over his children and could kill, mutilate, sell, or offer them as a sacrifice. This is known as:
  38. Premeditation is a requirement for which type of crime
  39. Current or former spouses, opposite-sex cohabitating partners, same-sex cohabitating partners, and even dating relationships may all be described using which of the following terms?
  40. Bank robberies are investigated by:
  41. An act toward the commission of a crime that is more complete than a threat or gesture is referred to as what type of action?
  42. Murder is classified as:
  43. What may occur if a body is exposed to an extremely hot and dry climate?
  44. In most robberies, the robber:
  45. What type of murder includes the killing of three or more separate victims with a “cooling off” period between the killings?
  46. Historically, officers are more likely to be assaulted while responding to what type of calls?
  47. Physical indications of child neglect may include:
  48. The majority of stalking cases are categorized as:
  49. Staging refers to:
  50. The key distinction between human trafficking and smuggling lies in:
  51. Which of the following is a true statement?
  52. An indicator of a false robbery report is:
  53. The main side effect of Rohypnol is:
  54. The postmortem cooling process of the body is called:
  55. Which of the following statements is true about “battered-woman syndrome”?
  56. A weapon found to be tightly clutched by a victim at death is a sign of what type of indicator?
  57. Intentionally causing another person to fear immediate bodily harm or death or intentionally inflicting or attempting to inflict bodily harm on a person is called:
  58. If death is caused by carbon monoxide poisoning, lividity is:
  59. It is believed that for every report of abuse the police and child protective services (CPS) receive, how many cases are unreported?
  60. Which one of the following is a characteristic of robberies?
  61. In a sexual assault case, it is best that the interviewer of the victim:
  62. This psychological effect may occur when hostages report that they have no ill feelings toward the hostage takers and, further, that they feared the police more than they feared their captors:
  63. Deaths are classified by type:
  64. When interviewing children in a sexual abuse investigation, which of the following is a consideration?
  65. Batterer intervention programs (BIPs) have found that batterer rehabilitation is significantly affected by what the offender actually has to lose, for example, home ownership, employment, and marriage. These variables are referred to as the offenders:
  66. What method has been used with sexual offenders in 20 states amid the widespread controversy?
  67. Premeditation would be a requirement in which case?


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