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Download Guided Liberty COMS 101 Discussion Board 4

Download Guided Liberty COMS 101 Discussion Board 4

This assignment invites you to consider how topic selection, purpose and thesis planning, audience analysis, research, organization, and presentational variables can impact an audience’s response to a speech presentation. This can help you better understand and appreciate the planning process you must follow if you wish to prepare a top-notch speech for delivery to an audience.

Watch President Ronald Reagan’s 1983 speech to the National Association of Evangelicals, perhaps the most explicit presidential endorsement of Christian faith in recent times. As you watch this video, prepare and post your written answers to the following questions (which derive from pages 610–611 of the textbook):

What is this speech’s topic?

What is the speech’s thesis or main point?

What is the speech, if anything, suggests the speaker (or his speech writers) had analyzed the audience and adapted the speech to its needs?

Did the speaker use effective and relevant material to support the speech’s thesis?

Was the speech effectively organized?

Did the speaker use clear, interesting, and accurate language?

Was the quality of the speaker’s voice acceptable?

Were the speaker’s movements and gestures meaningful and effective?

You must explain the observations and the reasoning that justify your answers to these questions. The more thoughtful, detailed, and document your observations and explanations, the better the quality of your work.


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Download Guided Liberty COMS 101 Discussion Board 4
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