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Download Guided Liberty University AVIA 355 Exam 1 

Download Guided Liberty University AVIA 355 Exam 1

  1. Density altitude is defined as:
  2. The proposed departure time for your flight is six or more hours in the future. Which FSS weather briefing would be the most appropriate for providing a general overview of forecasted weather?
  3. An important characteristic of the atmosphere is that:
  4. The transfer of energy through the movement of mass refers to:
  5. What are the two major causes of errors in the Indicated Air Temperature (IAT) readings? (These errors cause the IAT to read higher than the actual).
  6. The Ozone layer (50K-100K ft.) is beneficial because it absorbs harmful
  7. “Absolute zero” can be defined as:
  8. The World Wide Web is recognized as an official distribution system for National Weather Service Products.
  9. Moisture has an effect on density altitude because humid air is denser than dry air.
  10. An aneroid barometer can use either mercury, water, or other liquids to measure the pressure differences in the atmosphere.
  11. A temperature gradient is a difference between the temperatures at two different points multiplied by the distance between the two points.
  12. Perhaps the most important aviation application of the concept of atmospheric pressure is the pressure altimeter.
  13. In the Winds and Temperatures Aloft Forecast (FD) the negative sign is not included for temperatures above 24,000 feet MSL.
  14. Winds do not blow directly from large-scale high-pressure areas to large-scale low-pressure areas because of the:
  15. When describing wind velocity, which of the following statements is true?
  16. Buys-Ballot’s Law (rule-of-thumb) states that in the Northern Hemisphere if you put your back to the wind that blows under the geostrophic balance, the low pressure will be to yours.
  17. The process(es) by which water vapor is added to unsaturated air is (are):
  18. Unstable air is associated with:
  19. The inversion layer is defined as…
  20. The rate of cooling of an air parcel during ascent in saturated conditions (in a cloud) is always less than in dry conditions.
  21. Geostrophic balance occurs when the pressure gradient and Coriolis forces are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction and are the only forces acting on the parcel of air.
  22. According to Archimedes’ Principle, an object placed in a fluid (Either a liquid or gas), will be subjected to a positive or negative force depending on whether the object weighs more or less than the fluid it displaces.
  23. A stable atmosphere does not necessarily prevent air from moving vertically, but it does make that movement more difficult.
  24. When the isobars on a surface analysis chart are close together, the pressure gradient force is small and the wind speed is weak.
  25. Water boils at lower temperatures at higher altitudes because the atmospheric pressure is lower at those levels.


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Download Guided Liberty University AVIA 355 Exam 1 
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