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Download Guided Liberty University COUC 502 Quiz 2

Download Guided Liberty University COUC 502 Quiz 2

  1. _____ occurs when one or more of the essential nutrients is missing or when nutrients that are needed for healthy development are present in the expectant mother but in the wrong proportions.
  2. During the _____ stage of grief, family members may seek out someone to blame for their loss.
  3. Which part of the brain controls motor movement coordination, balance, equilibrium, and muscle tone?
  4. At the _____ week of prenatal development, the baby is about the size of a cucumber, the lungs are beginning to form, and the baby can open and close his or her eyes.
  5. At week _____ of prenatal development, the baby’s head is half the size of the body and the baby is flipping and moving inside the mother’s womb.
  6. Risks associated with _____ during pregnancy include vaginal bleeding, miscarriage, low birth weight, and fetal injury.
  7. The risk of miscarriage approaches 40% during the first trimester of pregnancy.
  8. The _____ is one of the first visible structures in the developing fetus, and at birth, it is developing neural paths for thriving babies.
  9. The fetus gains most of its weight during the _____ trimester.
  10. Women who previously suffered from a mental illness are at an increased risk of relapsing during pregnancy or after giving birth.
  11. Studies show that securely attached children are likely to demonstrate _____.
  12. Children with _____ are passive, need time to adjust to new situations, and withdraw or negatively react to new situations.
  13. Which of the following factors has not been found to impact sleep cycles?
  14. Children who are identified as _____ are fearful to explore the environment, which may lead to _____.
  15. Parents are advised to search for daycare settings that encourage _____ because this enhances social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development in children.
  16. _____ American mothers express stronger beliefs about the use of punishment for infants and have greater concerns about spoiling infants as young as 6 months of age as compared to _____ American mothers.
  17. The most frequently noted disadvantages of childcare settings are physical and sexual abuse.
  18. As newborns, babies prefer to hear their mother’s voice over a stranger’s voice.
  19. By the time they are _____ months old, infants lose the ability to discriminate the sounds in different languages.
  20. When infants are first born, they are able to see up to the distance of about _____ inches in front of their face


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Download Guided Liberty University COUC 502 Quiz 2
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