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Download Guided Liberty University COUC 521 Quiz 6

Download Guided Liberty University COUC 521 Quiz 6

  1. Colleges and universities often use these tests to determine advanced placement, credits, and admission:
  2. All of the following are universal features of standardized tests EXCEPT:
  3. This individual achievement test is developed to measure achievement in individuals as young as two (2) years old:
  4. The Wide Range Achievement Test, Fourth Edition (WRAT-4) includes:
  5. According to this chapter on assessment, high-stakes testing increases:
    1. achievement
  6. Standardized achievement tests are developed to cover:
  7. Most achievement test batteries are:
  8. Individuals’ future performance may be predicted using the:
  9. Individuals from diverse linguistic backgrounds or those experiencing language or communicative difficulties may be assessed using the:
  10. This test was specially developed to follow an “easy-hard-easy” format:
  11. When assessing individuals’ appreciation of great art, one of the main criticisms was that:
  12. Which of the following best defines aptitude?
  13. According to the text, the most well-known admissions test is the:
  14. The ASVAB has evidence of criterion-related validity because:
  15. The main psychometric component used when examining the results of an admissions test is:
  16. Aptitude tests are assessments used to assess an individual’s:
  17. The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is an example of a(n):
  18. Oscar is a carpenter whose business depends on his skill to build furniture. This skill involves precision, coordination, and strength, also known as:
  19. A concern in using the Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test (BMCT) is that the test has:
  20. The main criticism of tests assessing musical ability is that all tests have:


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Download Guided Liberty University COUC 521 Quiz 6
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