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Download Guided RSCH 201 Quiz 6

Download Guided RSCH 201 Quiz 6

  1. Steps in the Creative Arts process are super important. Based on your readings, what sequence of steps is most necessary for Creative Arts research?
  2. Which research methods best describe those found in the Creative Arts? (select all that apply.)
  3. Visual Research has managed to embrace the rise of social media, allowing many companies to transform themselves into appealing brands and consequently created a new type of customer transparency and honesty.
  4. A type of research that student designers need to complete is a visual exploration, this is:
  5. Researchers represent cultural experience by observing and reenacting their experience through human expression. This is called:
  6. When a visual researcher complies data on an audience’s age, gender, ethnicity, profession, skill, family, and types of friends into an image-based presentation, that presentation is most commonly known as a:
  7. Compositional interpretation is a method that examines which of these?
  8. In the context of a research project, the artist-researcher draws upon:
  9. When the text discusses “a philosophical inquiry that focuses on the interpretation of linguistic and non-linguistic expressions that can be found in symbolic communication, symbolic interaction, and culture in general,” the idea being defined is:
  10. In AIGA’s Designing Framework, which is not a step in the Design Process?
  11. Student designers need to complete their own marketing research, this is:
  12. How can social media be used in research?
  13. When designing a Questionnaire for social media usage, which of the following should NOT be part of your design process?
  14. Regarding coding categories, researchers strive to make their work theoretically grounded and justifiable since improperly developed and applied methods will generate meaningless data.
  15. Student designers need to complete many types of research such as a literature review, this is:
  16. What is one of the main advantages of content analysis?
  17. A SWOT analysis is a technique to evaluate products. What does SWOT stand for?
  18. According to the textbook, what is one of the values of art?
  19. A ____________ requires an association with a certain and consciously held idea in order to fully express its meaning.
  20. In AIGA’s Designing Framework, which of the following is not part of defining the problem?

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Download Guided RSCH 201 Quiz 6
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