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Download Guided SOWK 300 Quiz 3

Download Guided Liberty University SOWK 300 Quiz 3

  1. Which level of Kohlberg’s stages of moral development suggests that moral reasoning is based on the approval of authorities?
  2. Which of the following describes the ability to scribble and draw, cut with scissors, and print one’s name?
  3. In early childhood, the two hemispheres of the brain begin to operate slightly differently, which allows for a wider range of activity. Which of the following defines this process?
  4. Terri purposefully hits Ron with another toy while they are fighting over who gets to play with the new train station. Which type of aggression is this?
  5. Fair distribution of goods and resources in society is:
  6. Ron is pretending to be a monster and chasing his little brother around the house. Which type of play is this?
  7. Early childhood, preschool age, and early school age are all names of a period of development that includes what age range?
  8. Which level of Kohlberg’s stages of moral development suggests that moral reasoning is based on whether the behavior is rewarded or punished?
  9. Which of the following approaches proposes that moral behavior is shaped by environmental reinforcements and punishments?
  10. Sam (5-year-old) smells chicken at his grandmother’s house and comments that she must be having a party. She indicates that she is not, but Sam thinks another party is going to occur because the last time he smelled chicken she had a party. This incident reflects what kind of reasoning?

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Download Guided SOWK 300 Quiz 3
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