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Download Guided STCO 546 Quiz 1, 2, 3

Download Guided STCO 546 Quiz 1 2 3

Quiz 1

  1. Which of the following best explains what social media are?
  2. Synchronous interaction is best exemplified by which of the following?
  3. The social utility, Facebook, offers which of the following?
  4. Social media and traditional media are most alike in which regard?
  5. Which of the following represents the three channels in the social community zone?
  6. Facebook applications apply to which of the following zones of social media?
  7. Which four types are social publishing sites?
  8. Which of the four zones of social media mainly assists in the dissemination of content to an audience?
  9. The virtual worlds of Candy Crush and Mafia Wars are categorized under which zone of social media?
  10. Which of the following is considered the most advanced channel in the social entertainment zone?
  11. Which of the following are examples of vehicles for each zone of social media?
  12. What version of the internet do we use as an interactive social system in which users can interact with senders?
  13. Which of the following completes the sentence: ‘ describes a process that harnesses the collective knowledge of a large group of people to solve problems and complete tasks’?
  14. Which of the following are considered examples of social software?
  15. Which of the following refers to a paradigm in which all the objects around us could be connected anytime and anywhere?

Quiz 2

  1. Which of the following describes the process of dividing a market into distinct groups that have common needs and characteristics?
  2. Which type of segmentation refers to segmenting markets by age, gender, income, ethnic background, educational attainment, family life cycle, and occupation?
  3. What type of segmentation is used when companies market to consumers who want to have meaningful relationships with brands they use frequently?
  4. Which term refers to brands that inspire passionate loyalty in their customers?
  5. Which type of impulse represents an acknowledgment of a liking and/or relationship with individuals and reference groups?
  6. Which impulse represents the feeding of one’s ego?
  7. People’s willingness to disclose personal information in social media channels despite expressing high levels of concern for privacy protection is also known as which of the following?
  8. What is another name for an online community?
  9. Which of the following completes the sentence, ‘Members of a social network are known as and are connected by their    ‘?
  10. Which of the following suggests that social networks will be more effective if there is a way to activate relationships among people and objects?
  11. differentiate themselves because they center on some common hobby, interest, or characteristic that draws members to the site?
  12. Vertical networks are sites designed around object sociality. They are most comparable to the physical world.
  13. Which 90% of social media users just observe what’s on the site, so don’t add a lot of value?
  14. Which of the following proposes that a small group of influencers are responsible for the dissemination of information because they can modify the opinions of a large number of other people?
  15. Which of the following best describes opinion leaders?

Quiz 3

  1. What are the three phases of social media marketing maturity?
  2. The trial phase of the social media marketing maturity life cycle is exemplified by which of the following?
  3. A SWOT analysis is often performed during which section of the strategic plan?
  4. Which part of the SWOT analysis refers to the external environment of the organization?
  5. The social media mix is composed of which of the following?
  6. Which of the following terms may involve humanizing the brand, showing a
  7. Which of the following describes the organic structure of social media in an organization?
  8. Which of the following best defines a channel plan?
  9. Which of the following is not a characteristic of brand experience?
  10. Google’s YouTube Creator Playbook for Brands recommends developing a content strategy that includes three levels of content. What are the three levels?
  11. Which of the following should a basic editorial (content) calendar include?
  12. Which of the following is true of Instagram and Snapchat’s user bases?
  13. Which of the following questions is not useful when developing a persona focused on guiding social media tactics?
  14. Based on figure 5.2 Channel Characteristics for Major SNSs, which channel’s demographic overview suggests users of ‘All Ages’ can be targeted there?
  15. Which of the following must be able to attract attention, break through the clutter, deliver the intended message, and aid comprehension and recall, while positively influencing brand attitudes and purchase intent?

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Download Guided STCO 546 Quiz 1, 2, 3
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