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Download New APOL 525 Quiz 1 Western and Middle Eastern Religions

Download New APOL 525 Quiz 1 Western and Middle Eastern Religions


APOL 525 Quiz 1: Western and Middle Eastern Religions, and Hinduism

  1. The ultimate goal in Hinduism is to escape
  2. Most arguments for pluralism fall into two main categories which are:
  3. The basic human need for a Father Image
  4. The five vows of Jainism include
  5. The four Vedas are
  6. In Hinduism, there are almost no restrictions on personal beliefs, but in order to qualify as a Hindu religion—a religion has to
  7. In witnessing radical Muslims one needs to
  8. In sharing the gospel with a Jewish person one should
  9. In sharing Christ with Jains one should
  10. The five pillars of Islam are:
  11. The stages in the evolution of religion include
  12. The “Nine Great manifestations” in the Baha’i faith include:
  13. All forms of Judaism (including the liberalizing movements) are ultimately variations of rabbinic orthodoxy.
  14. John Hicks’s books largely advocate for a Christocentric religious worldview.
  15. The Largest Branch of Judaism in the United States as of 2012 is Reform Judaism.
  16. Sikhism grew out of an attempt to create harmony between both Islam and Buddhism.
  17. At the time the Qur’an was written it actually elevated the status of women in the world.
  18. Zoroaster promoted in Zoroastrianism the system of animal sacrifice.
  19. In the Baha’i Faith, the name Baha’ullah means the “Glory of God.”
  20. Rightly interpreted the Qur’an expressly forbids the conversion of anyone by force.
  21. Paul Knitter believes that the relationship between the incarnate Word and the Holy Spirit should be understood in a theocentric sense.
  22. In the Bahia Faith, there have been eight great manifestations of religious leaders.
  23. Muslims accept the fact that Jesus was a Prophet as well as the doctrine of the Trinity.
  24. Narayan is another name for Shiva.
  25. Zoroastrianism has a collection of holy Scriptures called the Bhagavad Gita
  26. The first influences of Hinduism and Hindu thought in the Western world came through the teachings of Helena Blavatsky and her doctrines that she spread through the First Church of Christian Science in 1869.
  27. Zoroastrianism teaches ritual dualism.
  28. In its present form, The Qur’an is pretty much as it had been when collated by Uthman.
  29. The elephant-headed god in Hinduism is also called Shiva.
  30. Buddhism and Jainism may be referred to as “heretical” schools of Hinduism
  31. In the space provided below, write a solid 1–2 paragraph essay discussing the “theory of original monotheism,” who founded it, and why it is important. Give examples of how the theory works. Cite sources.


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Download New APOL 525 Quiz 1 Western and Middle Eastern Religions
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