Download New BIOS 242 Discussion Questions Altogether Weeks 1 – 7


Download New BIOS 242 Discussion Questions Altogether Weeks 1-7


BIOS 242 Week 1 Discussion 1 – Koch s Postulates
BIOS-242 Week 1 Discussion 2 – Microscopy

BIOS 242 Week 2 Discussion 1 – Characteristics of Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells
BIOS-242 Week 2 Discussion 2 – Microbial Growth and Metabolism

BIOS 242 Week 3 Discussion 1 – Choosing an Antimicrobial Technique
BIOS-242 Week 3 Discussion 2 – Antibiotic Resistance

BIOS 242 Week 4 Discussion 1 – Microbial Genetics
BIOS-242 Week 4 Discussion 2 – Recombinant DNA Technology

BIOS 242 Week 5 Discussion 1 – Innate Immunity
BIOS-242 Week 5 Discussion 2 – Adaptive Immunity

BIOS 242 Week 6 Discussion 1 – Epidemiology
BIOS-242 Week 6 Discussion 2 – Make the Diagnosis Bacteria

BIOS 242 Week 7 Discussion 1 – Characteristics of Eukaryotic and Viral Pathogens
BIOS 242 Week 7 Discussion 2 – Make the Diagnosis: Nonbacterial Pathogens


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