Download New BIOS 242 Week 4 Lab 4: Pasteurization and Sterilization Learning


Download New BIOS 242 Week 4 Lab 4 Pasteurization and Sterilization Learning


Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the concept of food spoilage and shelf
  • Explain the principle of pasteurization and
  • Analyze the parameters of High-Temperature-Time-Treatment (HTST)
  • Perform canning as a method of
  • Identify how plastic and metal can be used as materials for

Introduction: Experiment with pasteurization and sterilization Virtual Simulation Lab

In the Pasteurization and Sterilization lab, you will help Adam, an organic farmer, to increase the shelf life of his peach juice. Together with Marie, a food scientist, you will learn the basics of food spoilage and shelf life by performing a series of spoilage detection experiments. Later, you will explore two types of heat treatment, pasteurization, and sterilization, eliminate the food spoilage in peach juice. Finally, you will employ your knowledge to determine which type of packaging and heat treatment is suitable for Adam’s peach juice. Will you be able to eliminate spoilage in Adam’s peach juice?


  1. Purpose: Why is food safety important?
  2. What practices would you recommend to keep food safe at home?
  3. … would you recommend storage of milk at home?
  4. What is the difference between pasteurization and sterilization?
  5. Reflection: Write 5 sentences on what you learned from this simulation. What did you like and what was something that you would prefer not to be a part of this simulation?

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