Download New BIOS 252 Week 4 Midterm Exam (Retired)


Download New BIOS 252 Week 4 Midterm Exam Retired


BIOS-252 Week 4 Midterm: Review & Study Guide

  1. Question: T Tubules are extensions of the _____ in skeletal muscle?
  2. Question: CN III innervates with the following muscle?
  3. Question: The brain and spinal cord are part of the ______ nervous system?
  4. Question: A wheelbarrow is an example of a _______ class lever.
  5. Question: The muscle contraction pulling on its insertion point, corresponds to what part of the lever system?
  6. Question: A synovial joint corresponds to what part of the lever stem?
  7. Question: When would voltage-gated Sodium channels open rapidly?
  8. Question: Which of the following muscle closes the lips?
  9. Question: Synergists prevent unwanted movements during an action, or aid the agonist during the movement.
  10. Question: EPSP stands for _________
  11. Question: EPSPs occur when ______
  12. Question: The Platysma muscle is a muscle of mastication
  13. Question: The type of muscle contraction where the muscle contracts but exhibits no change in length is called
  14. Question: Calcium is released from the SR when an action potential opens gated ion channels located in the
  15. Question: The neurotransmitter found at synapses between the motor neurons and human skeletal muscles, or at the neuromuscular junction is ________
  16. Question: The neurotransmitters that function primarily in the CNS are dopamine and serotonin
  17. Question: A propagated change in the membrane potential of part of the cell membrane is an action potential
  18. Question: A chemical synapse is most likely to dominate which system?

BIOS 252 Week 4 Midterm: Essay Questions 

Chapters 10 & 11

  1. Question: Identify and describe intracellular structures (organelles, myofilaments, etc.) of a muscle cell. Contrast skeletal, cardiac, and smooth.
  2. Question: Describe all phases of
  3. Question: Outline the sequence of physiological events of a twitch starting at the motor neurons and ending with movement.
  4. Question: Describe a neuromuscular junction and identify all major components.
  5. Question: Describe the connective tissue “packaging” of muscle.
  6. Question: Describe the major functions of the three types of muscles and the differences between them.
  7. Question: Describe how skeletal muscles acting across synovial joints function as a lever system. Discriminate between 1st-class, 2nd-class and 3rd-class levers in the human body(provide an example of each)
  8. Question: Differentiate between isotonic, isometric, eccentric, and concentric contractions.
  9. Question: Identify the muscles involved in relaxed and forced breathing and describe their role.

Chapter 12

  1. Question: Identify the anatomy of a neuron
  2. Question: Describe the functional and structural classification of neurons.
  3. Question: Identify and describe the major divisions of the nervous system.
  4. Question: List and describe the function/location of all neuroglia cells
  5. Question: Explain how excitatory and inhibitory neurotransmitters work on the postsynaptic membrane and give one example of each.
  6. Question: Describe all steps of an action potential, including initiation by local potential.
  7. Question: Understand the mechanism of IPSPs and EPSPs.

Chapter 13

  1. Question: Describe the basic anatomy of a spinal cord section, indicating the functional significance of each area/major tract.
  2. Question: Explain the similarities and differences between a spinal withdrawal reflex and a crossed extensor reflex.

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