Download New BIS 155 Week 5: Lab Exercise, Quiz plus Discussion


Download New BIS 155 Week 5 Lab Exercise Quiz plus Discussion


BIS 155 Week 5 Lab Exercise: Analysis Concerning Stay A While Longer Apartments

BIS-155 Week 5 Discussion Answer: Specialized and Statistical Functions
  1. Discuss and compare the specialized and statistical functions in Excel. You may need to research your answer. 
  1. Under what circumstances would you use logical and lookup functions? What financial and statistical functions exist for use? Give examples of how each can be used. 

Please include your research references in APA format.

BIS-155 Week 5 Excel’s Advanced Functions and Statistical Functions – Quiz
  1. Question: (TCO 9) Which of the following is a nested function?
  2. Question: (TCO 9) If there are four possible outcomes, how many logical tests are …?
  3. Question: (TCO 9) When using the MATCH function looking for the largest value that is less than or equal to the match lookup_value, the match type must be set to _____.
  4. Question: (TCO 9) Which of the following functions will return the interest payment of a loan?
  5. Question: (TCO 9) Which function will calculate the periodic interest rate of a loan with a $500 payment on a $20,000 loan paid back over 5 years?
  6. Question: (TCO 9) Which database function will return the smallest value from a dataset based on preset criteria?
  7. Question: (TCO 9) When using advanced filtering, empty cells in the criteria range will return which of the following?
  8. Question: =IF(E5<J7,F5*K7,IF(E5<=J8,F5*K8,F5*K9)) is an example of a(n) _____.
  9. Question: (TCO 9) Which of the following functions is best suited to count numbers based on multiple conditions?
  10. Question: (TCO 9) Identify the statistical function used if the rank value returned for duplicate values was 8.5.
  11. Question: (TCO 9) Which of the following functions will determine the standard deviation of a sample?
  12. Question: (TCO 9) Which feature of the Analysis ToolPak is best … to determine if samples were … from the same population?
  13. Question: (TCO 9) When using the CORREL function, a value of .9187527 would indicate _____.
  14. Question: (TCO 9) Which of the following is not an Analysis Toolpak tool?
  15. Question: (TCO 9) The QUARTILE.INC function returns values in the range _____.

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