Download New CCOU 305 Book Critique Gift of Sex


Download New CCOU 305 Book Critique Gift of Sex


CCOU 305 Book Critique: Final Assignment

The student will read The Gift of Sex text and then write and submit a review and critique of the major themes of the book. The review must summarize the content of the five major headings of the book and analyze the content as it relates to sexuality and intimate relationships. The critique must be objective, not personal. The Book Critique must be completed in 2 parts: Book Critique: Title and Reference Page Assignment and Book Critique: Final Assignment.

For the Book Critique: Final Assignment, the student will submit a final version of the Book Critique in proper APA format. The paper should contain a brief summary of each of the five sections of the book. Then, the paper should contain a scholarly critique of each of the five sections of the Penner book. It should contain at least 6 professional citations (published books or journal articles) in the critique sections of the paper. It should have between 6-8 pages of content. The paper should also include a title page and a reference page which does not count toward the 6-8 pages of content (MLOs A, B, C, D, F).


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