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Download New CIS115 Sample Quiz 7 – Compute Grade

Download New CIS115 Sample Quiz 7-Compute Grade


1. (TCO 3, 10) Review the following scenario and complete the modular design where the main module only controls the execution of the modules.

Professor Jones has asked you to design the logic that will be used to calculate the average of a student’s scores in a class. Each student has three lab scores, a midterm score, and a final exam score. Then, based on the average, the student’s final grade for the student will be calculated using the following criteria:
88 – 100: A
78 – 87: B
68 – 77: C
58 – 67: D
Less than 57: F
The program should produce the following output for the student:
Final Average: 80.5%
Final Grade: X
The program should use separate procedures for:
•inputting the data;
•determining the Final Grade; and
•displaying the results.

The following is the Hierarchy Chart for the design, and notice that modules should pass data between them to perform the necessary processing.

(Points: 10)

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Download New CIS115 Sample Quiz 7 – Compute Grade
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