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Download New COUC 506 Quiz 3

Download New COUC 506 Quiz 3


  1. The lectures talked about several ways that Scripture could be used in counseling. Which of the following are legitimate ways to use Scripture with our clients?
  2. As a Christian counselor, I can use the Bible in an anthropological way. What would be an example of that in counseling?
  3. The lectures explain that comments by the lecturer about Christian counseling are in the “soul care” tradition, and as such, spiritual formation is emphasized. Which answer below would NOT be true of Formative Reading of the Bible, as discussed in the lecture?
  4. Some beginning Christian counselors may be tempted to quote a quick verse, or give an easy biblical solution without delving into deeper issues in the life of the client. What caution about using the Bible in counseling might that illustrate?
  5. In our Christian counseling, if we want to help our client read the Bible for spiritual formation, what is true?
  6. Although the lectures emphasized the importance of inside-out change, the lectures also explained the value of outside-in change. What is the function of dislocating experiences in the context of outside-in change?
  7. Which answer below best describes the statement: “We can always count on God’s Word, but we must be careful of our interpretations and applications,” — from the Five Potential Problems When Using the Bible in Christian Counseling lecture?
  8. The lectures discussed using the METAMORPH grid by filling in the biblical references and spiritual formation columns. What is the purpose behind doing that?
  9. Healing prayer can best be described as:
  10. The lecture defines the “Trinitarian Relationship in Counseling” as:
  11. The lectures talked about specific strategies for using the Bible in counseling. Which of the following would NOT be endorsed based on the lecture discussion
  12. The week five lecture talked about “depreciative desires” as
  13. a hindrance to reading Scripture for spiritual formation. What would be an example of that hindrance in the life of a client?
  14. If we want our clients to “set the stage” for formative reading of Scripture, what should
  15. Based on the week five lecture, what are some appropriate ways to use scripture in counseling?
  16. The lecture discussed the value of and some principles for using meditation in Christian counseling. Which of the following statements best corresponds with the lecture content?
  17. According to the lectures, a guiding principle for using scripture in counseling is
  18. Prayer helps us to get beyond the illusion that we are self-sufficient to move us to the reality that we are dependent on God.
  19. Christian meditation, in the context of spiritual counseling, may be incompatible with understanding what is going on.
  20. With regard to prayer and Christian counseling, the lecture refocused the question away from whether prayer should be a part of counseling, to a focus on what types of prayer
  21. Since the Bible promises that God’s word “will not come back void” any use of Scripture in counseling will be beneficial to the client.
  22. According to the lecture, helping a client change his/her behavior is never beneficial in producing true inner change.
  23. is the universal enslaving power that delights in sponsoring any form of addiction.
  24. Addicts have developed strong, highly ritualized, even automatic behavior patterns in order to maintain their addictions.
  25. involves asking a logical train of systematic questions designed to elicit as much information about the clients as possible.
  26. While listening to the client’s story, the counselor seeks to ascertain and align with the client’s modal preferences for engagement.
  27. We establish our authority in the counseling office by demanding compliance or impressing people with our knowledge of psychology or the Bible.
  28. created his BASIC ID strategy for assessing client preferences and guiding counselor approaches to clients.
  29. Addiction, at its root, is not a spiritual issue.


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Download New COUC 506 Quiz 3
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