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Download New ENGL 300 Research Paper

Download New ENGL 300 Research Paper


ENGL 300 Research Paper

The student will select 1 work that we have covered this semester and write a 1,500–2,000-word (4–6 double-spaced pages) research paper exploring the ways in which an understanding of the culture that produced the work informs a clearer interpretation of a particular theme. Some examples of such themes might include attitudes toward nature, death, social class, gender, or the inevitability of religious conflict. The student must integrate at least 4 different, credible, scholarly sources (in addition to your primary text) cited according to appropriate MLA formatting standards and include a properly formatted Works Cited page at the end. The paper must be thesis-driven, making a coherent and original argument regarding the chosen work.

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Download New ENGL 300 Research Paper
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