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Download New ENGL 333 Midterm

Download New ENGL 333 Midterm


  1. A direct object follows a transitive verb.
  2. “Do not end a sentence with a preposition” is a prescriptive rule.
  3. The progressive aspect is represented as a past-perfect form of a verb.
  4. What is the verbal morpheme that signals the present tense, third person singular?
  5. Where do English words come from?
  6. In Module Two’s video presentation, what was the issue with “popular” versus “popular”?
  7. A metalanguage:
  8. What happens in the forming of the passive voice?
  9. What is the perfect aspect?
  10. An intransitive verb transfers the action to an indirect object.
  11. A morpheme is the smallest sound unit of a language.
  12. Some grammar does not consider “be” to be a verb at all but in a separate category.
  13. The passive voice is to be avoided in English composition.
  14. Prefixes and suffixes are free morphemes.
  15. Morphology is the study of phrase forms.
  16. The word “tree” can function as a noun or a verb.
  17. Modals are auxiliary verbs.
  18. In the video presentation for Module/Week Three, what particular grammar labeling error would make Dr. McClelland’s head “explode”?
  19. A nominal suffix turns a noun into a verb.
  20. Which of the following is “bad” grammar:
  21. The three basic verb types are transitive, linking, and equative.
  22. Negatives are like conjunctive adverbs in that they can be found nearly anywhere in a clause.
  23. Who was the first to write grammar?
  24. Morphemes can change the part of speech of a word.
  25. An intransitive verb transfers the action to an indirect object.
  26. In the sentence, “Candy is bad,” the subject is “candy.”
  27. The grammatical subject of a clause is always a noun.
  28. What is back-formation?
  29. What is the auxiliary rule?
  30. The addition of a form of the auxiliary verb “do” is used in negating a sentence.
  31. According to your textbook, the word “gentleman” as a description of English is better and more elegant than “geezer.”
  32. A linking verb:
  33. The subject states the topic of a sentence.
  34. An infinitive phrase is a preposition “in” plus a bare form of a verb.
  35. “Time” is not necessarily the same as “tense.”
  36. What is the subject of the following: “To like raw oysters seems strange.”
  37. Which of the following is “form,” not “function?
  38. What is the function of “my friend” in the following: “John is my friend.”
  39. How is a transitive verb different from an intransitive one?
  40. A transitive verb:
  41. The progressive aspect is represented as a past perfect form of a verb.
  42. “Grammaticality” concerns what a native speaker would generate.
  43. In the phrase “the interesting book”, the word “interesting” is a verb in function but an adjective in form.
  44. Many grammar books name six tenses.
  45. What are the characteristics of verbs?
  46. How does one form the negative of the following “He likes art.”
  47. The object of a preposition is simply whatever noun follows a preposition in a prepositional phrase.
  48. In the Module One video presentation, the word “shoots” illustrates:
  49. Why study grammar?
  50. Every native speaker of English uses complex English grammar in his/her hearing and speaking.

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