Download New Liberty CJUS 420 Exam 2


Download New Liberty CJUS 420 Exam 2

  1. DNA testing is expensive and takes a lot of time. Because of this, laboratories require that:
  2. The best place to interrogate a suspect is usually:
  3. Which of the following can be created using Identi-Kit?
  4. Field or show-up identification in on-the-scene identification of a suspect by a victim or witness of a crime. The show-up must be:
  5. Live lineups generally contain:
  6. Under the Bruton rule, which resulted in Bruton v. United States (1968), a defendant’s Sixth Amendment rights to confront and cross-examine witnesses against him or she was violated if:
  7. In When United States (1996), the Supreme Court affirmed that the officers could stop vehicles to allay any suspicions even though they have no evidence of criminal behavior. This type of stop is referred to as a:
  8. In United States v. Wade, the Court said that a suspect must be informed of his or her right to have a lawyer present during what type of process?
  9. Evidence disposal can occur:
  10. In which 1984 case did the Supreme Court define a search as “a governmental infringement of a legitimate expectation of privacy”?
  11. Wiretaps are legal when there is probable cause and they are:
  12. A way for folding the paper so that evidence does not fall out of referred to as a:
  13. Terry v. Ohio supported officers’ right to:
  14. When a person suddenly dies in police custody, it is often called:
  15. The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution forbids what type of searches and seizures?
  16. Which 1985 court case eliminated the “fleeing-felon rule,” banning law enforcement officers from shooting to kill a fleeing felon unless an imminent danger to life exists?
  17. DNA profiling can be done using:
  18. Hopefully, a well-organized, thorough, and proper organization of a crime scene will result in:
  19. In which of the following cases is a search legal?
  20. In Nix v. Williams, the Court said that if illegally obtained evidence (a statement, in this case, which led to a little girl’s body) would, in all likelihood, eventually have been discovered, legally it may be used. This is referred to as what exception to the exclusionary rule?
  21. AFIS stands for:
  22. When evidence is collected, an officer should record in his or her notes the:
  23. This type of fingerprint, which is not readily available, consists of impressions on the ridges of the fingers, transferred to other surfaces by sweat on the ridges of the fingers, or because the fingers carry the residue of oil, blood, dirt, or other substances. These prints are referred to as:
  24. When conducting an interview, you should: A judge may issue a warrant if which of the following items are being sought by an officer?
  25. Laboratory examination of ____ under a scanning electron microscope (SEM) is still considered a reliable analysis method, although enhancements in technology have been necessary.
  26. Which test is a way to determine if probable cause exists today?
  27. Which of the following is a characteristic of an effective interviewer/interrogator?
  28. What do investigators need to search for in order to conduct an effective search?
  29. The courts have ruled that when police take custody of a vehicle or other property, the police:
  30. In Miranda v. Arizona, who won the ultimate appeal and why?
  31. A field identification is also called a:
  32. What is one precaution specifically for an undercover agent to keep in mind?
  33. What type of evidence forms a substantive part of the case or has a legitimate and effective influence on the decision of the case?
  34. Which type of interview technique calls for using a secluded, quiet place that is free of distractions, and is effective for obtaining information from victims and witnesses who are having difficulty remembering an event?
  35. In the examination of objects of physical evidence, class characteristics are important because they can:
  36. Information needs which component to become intelligence?
  37. Which of the following questions is most direct?
  38. Which has been shown to be an effective interview technique to uncover lies?
  39. Hair analysis can reveal all but which of the following?
  40. The integrity of evidence refers to the requirement that any item introduced in court must be in the same condition as when it was found at the crime scene. This is documented by the chain of evidence, also referred to as:
  41. Psychological profiling:
  42. When evidence is no longer needed, it is:
  43. What type of evidence has been properly collected, identified, filed, and continuously secured?
  44. What must be established before an arrest can be made?
  45. Which case highlighted the issue of public safety exceptions to the Miranda warning requirement?
  46. Which rule states that courts will not accept evidence obtained by unreasonable search and seizure?
  47. Florida v. Riley (1989) approved warrantless aerial surveillance, noting that:
  48. The number one mistake officers make in processing fingerprints with powder is:
  49. The Fifth Amendment right to counsel hinges on the issue of:
  50. In Saucier v. Katz (2001), the Supreme Court held that the guide for use of excessive force is:
  51. People may volunteer information if approached correctly. Consequently, which technique is useful to demonstrate when conducting an interview?
  52. Fingerprints indicate:
  53. The force necessary to overcome the resistance offered during an arrest is referred to as:
  54. The Carroll decision established that with a probable cause:
  55. In addition to physical evidence, three primary sources of information are available:
  56. Which statement about witnesses is false?
  57. A search conducted with a warrant must be limited to:
  58. Mincey v. Arizona established that:
  59. Once a confession has been obtained, investigators should:
  60. The type of prints taken of persons with reason to be at the crime scene is referred to as:
  61. The most important limitation on searches is that they must be:
  62. Emergency circumstances (such as officers hearing shots fired or screams) that allow officers to enter a home without a warrant are referred to as:
  63. Wyoming v. Houghton (1999) held that an officer may search an automobile passenger’s belongings simply because the officer suspects the driver has done something wrong. This ruling, which was intended to prevent drivers from claiming that illegal drugs or other contraband belong to passengers rather than themselves, is referred to as the:
  64. The objective of surveillance is to:
  65. On a linear use-of-force continuum, where do “hard empty hand techniques/impact weapon” fall in relationship to the use of TASER or chemical agent?
  66. Which of the following is NOT a recommended interrogation technique?
  67. Ultraviolet light is good for finding:
  68. Every lawful arrest is accompanied by a search of the arrested person to protect the arresting officers and others and to prevent the destruction of evidence.


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