Download New Liberty University CEFS 506 Exam 4


Download New Liberty University CEFS 506 Exam 4

  1. The lecture explained how psychology would accept the “concept of sin.” What is a true statement from that discussion?
  2. Which answer below describes what should be on the professional disclosure statement to the client?
  3. Which list below provides the best response to the question of what ethical standards you are going to use in your practice of counseling?
  4. The lectures reviewed Nouwen’s concept of “hospitality” in counseling. What is true from that discussion?
  5. From the lecture, there were several reasons why someone will have resistance to confession. Which answer below is NOT one of those reasons?
  6. Based on McMinn’s counseling “map,” the lecture posed a series of questions to help a counselor identify where the client was in terms of self/need/relationship. What is a true statement from that discussion?
  7. The lectures talked about some important points with regard to confidentiality. What is a true statement from that discussion?
  8. McMinn (as reviewed in the lectures) describes several ways to confront sin in the life of a counselee. What factors should a counselor take into account before choosing one of the confrontation techniques?
  9. From the lecture, in questioning yourself regarding ethical decision-making, which answer is NOT used?
  10. Which statement is NOT true regarding ethical standards for counseling practice?
  11. Which answer below is NOT one of the ethical concerns given regarding confrontation?
  12. From the perspective of secular psychology, the concept of “sin” can best be described as
  13. When putting together your informed consent document for a client, what item should you include as part of that document?
  14. The lectures distinguished the effects of “original sin” and “personal sins.”  What is true from that discussion?
  15. The lectures talked about counseling ethics guiding how we directly confront clients about their behavior. From that lecture, what is a true statement?
  16. The lectures talked about attributional styles. What is true from that discussion?
  17. It is important that counselors help clients overcome resistance to legitimate confession. Which of the following statements does NOT fit with the lecture emphasis?
  18. In the lecture, according to Ohlschlager, what are some of the most common legal or ethical pitfalls?
  19. Which statement below is true concerning the “work of the Holy Spirit” in counseling?
  20. From McMinn’s discussion on confrontation during counseling (as reviewed in the lecture), what is a true statement?
  21. When a Christian counselor looks at the role of sin in client problems, what is a true statement?
  22. McMinn emphasizes that the counselor’s motivation needs to be examined as the counselor confronts the client. What is a true statement based on that discussion?
  23. As we consider “sin” as a factor in human problems and behavior, the perspective from psychology is that psychopathology, rather than a sinful nature, is the cause of emotional problems.
  24. It is rarely helpful in counseling to confront a client about the client’s attribution style.
  25. Whether a client has a sense of conscience will be a clue to the client’s attributional style.
  26. Being conformed to the image of Christ isn’t a self-improvement program, and we don’t get there by gritting our teeth and obeying rules.
  27. In every culture throughout history, human beings have defined themselves by their __________
  28. ________________ is/are designed to create a social microcosm so counselors could encourage members to replace existing, self-destructive behaviors with new, healthy ones.


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