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Download New NR 601 Week 2 COPD Case Study Part 1 (Initial post, Faculty, Peer responses)

Download New NR 601 Week 2 COPD Case Study Part 1 Initial post Faculty Peer responses


Case Study – Part 1

Date of visit: ….    A 62-year-old Caucasian male presents to the office with a persistent cough and recent onset of shortness of breath. Upon further questioning you discover the following subjective information regarding the chief complaint ….. continue


  • Briefly and concisely summarize the history and physical (H&P) findings as if you were presenting them to your preceptor using the pertinent facts from the case. May use approved medical abbreviations. Avoid redundancy and irrelevant information.
  • Provide a differential diagnosis (minimum of 3) that might explain the patient’s chief complaint along with a brief statement (2-3 sentences) of pathophysiology for each.
  • Analyze the differential by using the pertinent findings from the history and physical to argue for or against a diagnosis.
  • Rank the differential in order of most likely to least likely.
  • Identify any additional tests and/or procedures that you feel are necessary or … to help you narrow your differential. All testing decisions must … supported with evidence-based practice (EBP) argument as to why it is necessary or pertinent in this case. If no testing is .., you must also support this decision with EBP evidence.

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Download New NR 601 Week 2 COPD Case Study Part 1 (Initial post, Faculty, Peer responses)
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