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Download New NR 601 Week 4 Clinical VISE Assignment (Collection)

Download New NR 601 Week 4 Clinical VISE Assignment Collection


Purpose: The VISE assignment (Virtual Interactive Student Evaluation) is to evaluate student progress in clinical, based on per-course clinical objectives. This will … a mid-term check to identify and assist students who may … struggling with clinical critical thinking and communication. Students who do not pass the VISE on the first attempt will … on a clinical PIP and be given a second attempt at passing the VISE prior to the course end. The student must successfully pass the VISE to pass clinical within a course.

Directions: These will be done by phone between the VP and the student sometime between the beginning of week 3 and the end of week 5. Immediately following the VISE the VP and student will do the mid-term phone call check-in and review of the clinical. VPS should have clinical logs pulled up to review with the student.

511 – SNAPPSThis virtual check is similar to the SNAPPS assignment in class and builds upon it. Students are … to provide a SNAPPS summary of one patient who was … in the logging system that week in clinical.

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Download New NR 601 Week 4 Clinical VISE Assignment (Collection)
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