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Download New NR 602 Week 3 Sick Child Clinical Case Presentation: ADHD

Download New NR 602 Week 3 Sick Child Clinical Case Presentation ADHD



The purpose of this assignment is for learners to:

  1. Have the opportunity to integrate knowledge and skills learned throughout all core courses in the FNP track and previous clinical courses.
  2. Demonstrate an advancing understanding of the care of women and children.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to analyze previous patients seen in the clinical setting and be able to perform an evidenced-based review of their case, diagnosis, and plan, while guiding and taking feedback from peers regarding the case
  4. Demonstrate professional communication and leadership, while advancing the education of peers.


For Week 3 of the course, you will … presenting your own case from clinical. The case should … clear, organized, and meet the following guidelines:

Initial Case Presentation:

Present only the subjective and objective data only on the patient organized as you would organize them in a SOAP (CC, HPI (no OLD CART for HPI); ROS, PE findings, and any lab or diagnostic findings for your patient.

**Do not put the diagnosis or plan in the initial post. No Assessment/Plan in the initial post. No citations or references are … for your initial post, you will post references in your summary post.

WEEK 3: The case should … pediatric (a patient age 17 years or younger).

WEEK 3 specific guidelines: The case must not … something overly simple. The list of things that should not … covered includes sore throat, URI, UTI, ear infection, or contact dermatitis (poison ivy). You need to present a case that intrigued you or presents new content in a different light. *One of the above … presented if the findings were unusual and you clear such case with your course faculty prior to posting (at least 2 days before posting). In the pediatric case, you must also include in the objective data growth chart percentiles for height, weight, BMI, and tanner staging. A patient you saw both for initial complaint and follow-up would … ideal, but not required.

Leading the Discussion: Post your subjective, objective, and diagnostic data for your patient by Wednesday ...

Interactive Dialogue: As a student, you will also be required to respond to at least two (2) other students’ initial case presentations. In your responses, you must include the following: Your top three (3) differentials based on the information provided and why (rationale based on presentation findings), the primary … you are leaning toward, how you would treat that … Use references to support your response. *DEADLINE – YOUR RESPONSES TO 2 STUDENTS ARE DUE ... **If all students have a response, then choose the student with the least responses to their posting.

Clinical Case Presentation Summary Criteria:

Post a summary reply to your initial post and respond to any faculty questions to your initial posting or question(s) posed to the general class. Use references to support all of your responses.

Criteria for Summary Post should include all of the following required elements: Summary post written in paragraph(s) type format (No SOAP note for Summary Post); discuss primary and any applicable secondary diagnoses along with treatment plan for each diagnosis. Scholarly and evidence-based in-text citation support all of the listed diagnoses; Scholarly and evidence-based in-text citations for each treatment plan. Differential … Summarize your peer’s posts to your presentation.

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Download New NR 602 Week 3 Sick Child Clinical Case Presentation: ADHD
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