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Download New NR 602 Week 4 Clinical Vise Assignment Study Guide

Download New NR 602 Week 4 Clinical Vise Assignment Study Guide


The VISE assignment (Virtual Interactive Student Evaluation) is to evaluate student progress in clinical, based on per-course clinical objectives.  This will be a mid-term check to identify and assist students who may be struggling with clinical critical thinking and communication.  Students who do not pass the VISE on the first attempt will be placed on a clinical PIP and given a second attempt at passing the VISE prior to the course end.  The student must successfully pass the VISE to pass clinical within a course.


These will be done by phone between the VP and the student sometime between the beginning of week 3 and the end of week 5. Immediately following the VISE the VP and student will do the mid-term phone call check-in and review of the clinical. VPS should have clinical logs pulled up to review with the student.

602 – Nurse call to the provider – The VP reviews the student’s clinical logs and picks one patient (with a minor acute illness) to serve as their guide. The VP acts as the nurse in another office or urgent care calling the student, who is the NP and giving a report on the patient.  The report will regard one of the following:

  • Medication failure
  • Worsening of symptoms
  • Failure to improve
  • Allergic reaction/rash to medication
  • New symptom

The job of the student in this situation is for the student to gather data, but also relay orders for the next steps in care


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Download New NR 602 Week 4 Clinical Vise Assignment Study Guide
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