Download New Penn Foster 037839


Download New Penn Foster 037839


Visual Basic and the Visual
Studio Environment
For your first project, you’ll create a login form using a
Windows Forms Application project in Visual Studio. The
login form will prompt the user for a username and password.
This form is a high-fidelity prototype that will provide a
default message if the user clicks the OK or Cancel buttons.
Note: The output of this project will be used in the graded
project for Lesson 2.
1. In Visual Studio, create a new Windows Forms
Application project named GroceryApp. Review tasks 1
and 2 in Activity 3-1 for details on this step.
2. Rename Form1.vb to LoginForm.vb. You can use
(1) the Properties panel or (2) right-click Form. vb in the
Solution Explorer panel and choose the Rename option.

3. Add two Label, two TextBox, and two
Button controls to Form1 in the layout.
See Figure 19.
4. Modify the design-time properties of
the form and its controls using the
following table:
5. In the Click event handler for the btnLogin control, add
the following statement:
MessageBox.Show(“Thank you for logging in, “ & _
text username.Text, “Logged In.”)
(If you’re unsure of how to create event handling code
automatically, review task 2 in Activity 3-2.)
6. In the Click event handler for the btnCancel control,
add the statement Application.Exit() to close out of the
7. Save your work and debug the application (If necessary,
refer to #7–9 in Activity 2-3).
8. Make sure the application works as intended.
To submit your project, you must provide the following two
■ LoginForm.vb
■ LoginForm.Designer. vb
To find these files, you should go to the directory where
you saved the GroceryApp project. To determine this
path, click on GroceryApp in the Solution Explorer panel.
Copy the value for the Project Folder property in the
Properties panel. In Windows Explorer, paste the file path
and hit the Enter key. Copy both the LoginForm.vb and
LoginForm.Designer. vb files to your desktop or any other
temporary location (Figure 20).
Graded Project 41

Use the following procedure to submit your project online:
1. Log in to view your student homepage and go to the
My Courses page.
2. Click on Take Exam next to the lesson you’re working on.
3. Attach your files as follows:
a. Click on the Browse box.
b. Locate the file you wish to attach.
c. Double-click on the file.
d. Click Upload File.
e. If you have more than one file to attach, repeat
steps a–d for each file.
4. Enter your e-mail address in the box provided.
(Note: Your e-mail address is required for online
5. If you wish to include comments about this project to
your instructor, enter your comments in the Message
6. Click on Submit Files.
Your project will be graded using the following guidelines.
■ All controls have the correct
properties set. 170 points
■ The Login button displays the
correct message box. 110 points
■ The Cancel button closes out
of the application. 110 points
■ Both source code files are included. 110 points
TOTAL 100 points


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