Download New PPOG 504 Discussion 4

Download New PPOG 504 Discussion 4

PPOG 504 Discussion 4

PPOG 504 Discussion 4 Liberty University Answers

Topic: Statesmanship Today

Prompt: In this course, you have been reading about ways in which individuals performed a statesmanship role informed by a biblical orientation, either directly or indirectly. We have emphasized that statesmanship and statecraft are informed by Biblical conceptions.  Now we want to challenge you to take these ideas and debate them in a contemporary context. Based on your research and study of this course, answer the question of whether or not statesmanship is still possible in today’s political context.  Evaluate modern efforts to practice statesmanship and statecraft from a Biblical orientation in today’s increasingly secular and postmodern political culture.

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Download New PPOG 504 Discussion 4
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