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Download New PSYC 320 Exam 1

Download New Liberty University PSYC 320 Exam 1

  1. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of behavior modification?
  2. An event in the immediate environment that controls behavior is referred to as:
  3. Behavior modification procedures are designed to change:
  4. Alex likes to drive faster than the speed limit. Alex’s behavior of driving too fast is an example of a:
  5. Frequency, duration, intensity, and latency are __________________ of behavior.
  6. Tommy’s teacher observes him purposely shove another student. Tommy’s observable act of shoving would be an example of:
  7. Thorndike demonstrated that behavior that produces a favorable effect on the environment will likely be repeated. This is known as the:
  8. What dimension of behavior is a measure of how long the behavior occurred?
  9. In what area(s) can behavior modification procedures be used?
  10. In behavior modification, what a person says and does is referred to as:
  11. Which of the following is NOT a step in developing a behavior recording plan?
  12. Which method will NOT reduce the reactivity of observation?
  13. Julie and Beth independently observe (hear) a child swear, and each records that swearing occurred. This is called:
  14. Brian’s parents are interested in recording his stuttering behavior. They record each instance in which Brian stutters. This is an example of _____________ recording.
  15. Which dimensions of behavior are NOT recorded using continuous recording?
  16. What is involved in determining the logistics of recording?
  17. Which of the following can be used as a recording instrument?
  18. A teacher wants to develop a behavior recording plan that she intends to use with one of her students. The teacher’s first step would be:
  19. A behavioral definition:
  20. Dawn’s parents record her hair-pulling behavior for a specific period. The time during which Dawn’s parents observe and record her behavior is called the:
  21. A researcher demonstrates that receiving gold stickers for completing math problems increases the number of problems that a student finishes. The researcher has demonstrated a _____________ relationship between receiving gold stickers and completing math problems.
  22. Which of the following is a type of multiple-baseline design?
  23. The two variables represented on a graph are:
  24. What should be taken into account before using an A-B-A-B design?
  25. A vertical line on a graph indicating a change in treatment is called a:
  26. In behavior modification, the main way to document behavior change is through the use of a(n):
  27. An A-B design does not demonstrate a functional relationship between the treatment and the target behavior because there is no:
  28. In behavior modification, a research design involves:
  29. A researcher records the hair-pulling behavior of three different children in a classroom and implements treatment at a different time for each child. The researcher is using a(n) _____________ design.
  30. Billy has trouble sitting still in class, so his teacher implements a program in which she praises Billy for staying in his seat. Billy’s sitting behavior increases, and the teacher concludes her praise was responsible. The teacher does not realize Billy has started taking medication that causes fatigue. The medication would be an example of a(n) __________ variable.
  31. Whenever Tony puts money into a pop machine, he gets a can of pop. Tony never gets popped out of the machine when he does not put money in. This is an example of __________ existing between putting money in the machine and getting pop out.
  32. In which of the following processes is the behavior more likely to occur in the future?
  33. John just ate a big Thanksgiving dinner. When John is offered a piece of his favorite pie he declines. The decrease in the reinforcing value of pie for John is an example of the:
  34. Tim is just learning to read. Which reinforcement schedule would be the most effective for him?
  35. Timmy swears whenever his mom makes broccoli for dinner. Timmy’s mom always sends him to his room without dinner when he swears. As a result, Timmy is more likely to swear when his mom makes broccoli. This is an example of the:
  36. A telemarketer has to make a certain number of calls before a sale is made. However, the telemarketer does not know the exact number of calls that will be required to make a sale. This is an example of a _________ schedule of reinforcement:
  37. On weekends, Laura comes home on time so that she is not grounded by her parents. Coming home on time to avoid being grounded is an example of the:
  38. The stimulus presented following the behavior in positive reinforcement is called:
  39. In a ____________ reinforcement schedule, the reinforcer is delivered for the first response following an average of X amount of time.
  40. An intermittent schedule of reinforcement is most effective for _____________ a behavior.

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