Get Best BIOL 102 Quiz Organization of Life


Get Best BIOL 102 Quiz Organization of Life


BIOL 102 Quiz Organization of Life

  1. Which structure gives rise to microtubules?
  2. In what portion of a eukaryotic cell is the majority of DNA isolated?
  3. What organelle is the site of ATP production?
  4. A photograph formed using a microscope is called a(n) ____.
  5. The plasma membrane is composed of ____.
  6. Two solutions A and B are separated by a membrane, which is permeable to water but not salts. Solution A is a 2% NaCl solution, while solution B is a 3% NaCl solution. Which of the following will occur?
  7. The diffusion of water across a membrane is known as ____.
  8. The measure of the concentration of solutes in a solution is ____.
  9. The term substrate is synonymous with the term ____.
  10. All enzymes are which type of organic molecule?
  11. Which membrane reduces friction between the lungs and chest wall during breathing?
  12. Membranes that occur in paired sheets are classified as ____.
  13. Which membrane reduces friction in joints?
  14. A severe sunburn would result in damage to which membrane?
  15. The integument consists of all of the following EXCEPT ____.
  16. Which type of tissue produces a matrix that surrounds and supports cells?
  17. The brain is located in which body cavity?
  18. Endocrine and exocrine glands are derived from what type of tissue?
  19. The stomach and liver are located in which body cavity?
  20. What type of junction allows electrical signals to rapidly spread from cell to cell?
  21. What type of fiber allows tissue to easily stretch and recoil?
  22. The cell membrane mix of lipids and proteins is referred to as a(n) ____.
  23. What factor of the plasma membrane provides fluidity?
  24. During the process of sweating to cool body temperature, the sweat gland is acting as which homeostatic component?
  25. In which type of connective tissue are the proteins dissolved in a liquid matrix?


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