Get Best BIOS 390 Week 1 Quiz Study Guide


Get Best BIOS 390 Week 1 Quiz Study Guide


Question Set 1

  • (TCO 1) The basic principles of genetics contributed by Gregor Johann Mendel are:
  • (TCO 1) The Augustinian monk, Gregor Johann Mendel, crossed yellow-seeded and green-seeded pea plants and then allowed the offspring to self-pollinate to produce an F2 The results were as follows: 6018 yellow and 2002 green (8020 total). The allele for green seeds has what relationship to the allele for yellow seeds?
  • (TCO 1) In 1953, James Watson and Francis Crick proposed.

Question Set 2

  • (TCO 1) In 1928, Frederick Griffith discovered that Streptococcus pneumonia caused pneumonia in mice. In his experiments, mice were injected with different strains of treated and untreated bacteria. Which of the following is not likely to have occurred in the series of experiments by Griffith?
  • (TCO 1) In 1928, Frederick Griffith injected living S (smooth) Streptococcus pneumonia into mice, and the mice died. When he injected living R (rough) Streptococcus pneumonia into mice, the mice lived. When he injected heat-killed S bacteria into mice, the mice lived. What was the result when he mixed heat-killed S bacteria with live R bacteria and injected this mixture into mice?
  • (TCO 1) In 1944, Oswald Avery, Colin MacLeod, and Maclyn McCarty used an in vitro agglutination assay to demonstrate that purified DNA was sufficient to cause the transformation of cells and that the transforming factor could be destroyed by  

Question Set 3

  • (TCO 1) Beadle and Tatum’s “one gene-one enzyme” hypothesis was later revised to the
  • (TCO 1) In the 1950s, Hershey and Chase conducted a now-famous experiment to determine whether DNA or protein carried the hereditary information in bacteriophage T2. What method did they use to selectively label the DNA and protein components of bacteriophage T2?
  • (TCO 1) The classic experiment performed by Alfred Hershey and Martha Chase revealed  

Question Set 4

  • (TCO 2) The phosphodiester linkage between adjacent nucleotides to form a DNA or RNA chain occurs by a _____ reaction involving the removal of _____ and pyrophosphate.
  • (TCO 2) The sugar in the DNA nucleotides is
  • (TCO 2) What forms the “backbone” of nucleic acid?

Question Set 5

  • (TCO 2) Which of the following did Watson and Crick know when they were trying to determine the structure of DNA?
  • (TCO 2) The predominant form of DNA in vivo is
  • (TCO 2) Watson and Crick noted that DNA’s structure is interesting because it suggested a possible copying mechanism. What about DNA’s structure facilitates copying?

Question Set 6

  • (TCO 2) As DNA denatures, its absorption of UV light increases, a phenomenon known as
  • (TCO 2) The melting temperature (Tm) of DNA is
  • (TCO 2) When two strands of DNA from different sources are hybridized in the lab, what provides the chemical stability for holding the two strands of DNA in a double helix structure?

Question Set 7

  • (TCO 2) Hairpin loops, base-paired stems, and bulges make up what part of RNA’s structure?  
  • (TCO 2) Base-paired stems in RNA  
  • (TCO 2) A GU wobble is an example of  

Question Set 8

  • (TCO 2) A particular RNA chain  
  • (TCO 2) The term ribozyme describes what property of RNA molecules?
  • (TCO 2) There is a tremendous versatility of functional RNA products involved in a wide range of cellular processes. One of the key contributing factors to this versatility is

Question Set 9

  • (TCO 2) A retrovirus, such as HIV-1
  • (TCO 2) Subviral RNA particles, such as viroids and satellite RNAs, differ from viruses in that

Question Set 10

  • (TCO 2) Which of the following properties do you predict to be most critical to histone association with DNA?
  • (TCO 2) The term nucleosome means
  • (TCO 2) The core octamer is composed of

Question Set 11

  • (TCO 2) A eukaryotic chromosome consists of
  • (TCO 2) What statement is not true about bacteriophages? (List things that are true about bacteriophages.)
  • (TCO 2) What statement is not true about plasmid DNA? (List things that are true/factual about plasmid DNA. 

Question Set 12

  • (TCO 1) Sodium hydroxide denatures both proteins and nucleic acids, while phenol denatures proteins, but not nucleic acids. In the transformation experiments performed by Griffith with Streptococcus pneumonia, what result would be expected if an extract of S-strain bacteria was treated with phenol? What would be expected if it was treated with sodium hydroxide?
  • (TCO 1) Using the Hershey-Chase experiment as an example, list the hypothesis, observations, and conclusion of this experiment.
  • (TCO 1) Compare the chromosome theory of inheritance to the process of meiosis.  

Question Set 13

  • (TCO 2) Distinguish between the terms “nucleoside” and “nucleotide.” What does dGTP stand for?
  • (TCO 2) When the base composition of DNA from a grasshopper was determined, 29% of the bases were found to be adenine. (a) What is the percentage of cytosine? (b) What is the % composition of each of the other two nucleotides in the DNA sequence?
  • (TCO 2) What determines the polarity of the two strands of DNA? Why are the two strands anti-parallel?

Question Set 14

  • (TCO 2) The 10 nm chromatin fiber in eukaryotes has been described as “beads on a string.” What are the “beads” (be precise and detailed in your use of terminology) and what is the “string”?
  • (TCO 2) List 2 features that distinguish eukaryotic genomes from bacterial genomes  
  • (TCO 2) List the steps in eukaryotic DNA packaging.


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