Get Best BIS 155 Entire Course Week 1 – 8


Get Best BIS 155 Entire Course Week 1-8


BIS-155 Week 1 Lab Exercise: Village Shop Sales
BIS 155 Week 1 Questions & Answers: Quiz
BIS-155 Week 1 Discussion Answer: Getting Familiar with Excel

BIS 155 Week 2 Lab Exercise: Shop Analysis
BIS-155 Week 2 Excel’s Advanced Formulas, Functions, and Charts – Quiz
BIS 155 Week 2 Discussion Answer: Formulas & Functions

BIS 155 Week 3 Lab Exercise: Luxury Condo Sales
BIS-155 Week 3 Data Analysis Functions – Quiz
BIS 155 Week 3 Discussion Answer: Collaboration on Case Study

BIS 155 Week 4 Lab Exercise: Warming Hut Income, Seasonal Activities & X Games
BIS-155 Week 4 Consolidating Data – Quiz
BIS 155 Week 4 Discussion Answer: Data Consolidation

BIS 155 Week 5 Lab Exercise: Analysis Concerning Stay A While Longer Apartments
BIS-155 Week 5 Excel’s Advanced Functions and Statistical Functions – Quiz
BIS 155 Week 5 Discussion Answer: Specialized and Statistical Functions

BIS 155 Week 6 Excel Project Memo: Sales Data Analysis and Recommendations
BIS-155 Week 6 Lab Exercise: Income Statement & Sales Analysis
BIS 155 Week 6 What-If Analysis – Quiz
BIS-155 Week 6 Discussion Answer: What-If Analysis

BIS 155 Week 7 Lab Exercise: Text Import and X game Calculator Macro
BIS-155 Week 7 Importing and Macros – Quiz
BIS 155 Week 7 Discussion Answer: Expert Tools

BIS 155 Week 8 Final Exam Submission: Car Parts Service (V-5)
BIS-155 Week 8 Final Exam Submission: Super Shoes, Inc (3v2)
BIS 155 Week 8 Final Exam Submission: Music On Demand (V-3)


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