Get Best CCOU 201 Quiz 2


Get Best CCOU 201 Quiz 2


  1. Which of the following is part of a counselor managing ethical tasks and dilemmas?
  2. Some have suggested that focusing on how people think, feel, and act is essential for increasing counseling effectiveness. A belief proposed by Hutchins mentioned in the text espoused a model called what?
  3. No one is truly changed from a purely cognitive approach, even if that approach is biblical.
  4. According to the text, what do many Christians and addicts do that the author is opposed to in relation to the intimate knowledge of God?
  5. The body orientation of many clients might express itself by way of ______.
  6. What is described as the strength to produce change; the ability to execute a plan; and the capacity to remain firm and constant in a situation.
  7. What phase is concerned with preventing relapse?
  8. When counselors can no longer provide service, they are obligated to do what?
  9. Documentation is a very important part of the counseling process that should begin with the first contact with a client and continue until termination.
  10. Theology literally means the knowledge of God and correlates to thinking or cognitive modes.
  11. Christian counseling has long suffered the conflict between biblical counseling and the integrationist movement.
  12. The authors state that there are three approaches that are critical for complete and comprehensive Christian counseling.
  13. According to the text, what kind of counselors are generally characterized by their involvement in going things and having a strong goal orientation?
  14. The essential qualities of a complete Christian counseling theory and practice should incorporate what?
  15. In the first session, the counselor should assess for suicide and dangerousness.
  16. The authors of the text emphasize a two-phased model of counseling introduced in Competent Christian Counseling stating:
  17. According to the text, knowing your ___ richly and in great detail will always serve your mission as a helper in all kinds of cases, and will mark you as a wise counselor and confident teacher.
  18. According to the text, which of the following is an expression of the three spirits of Jehovah?
  19. The first questions asked by God in human history occurred in the context of what?
  20. ______ persons generally tend to behave in emotionally expressive ways.
  21. The qualities of a relationship are found in what according to the text?
  22. The challenge for all Christian counselors who desire to be truly biblical is to develop counseling approaches that embrace foundational principles of caregiving cultivated in Scripture.
  23. Our ethnocentric predisposition draws us toward counseling models that reflect what?
  24. Which of the following is NOT part of the comprehensive, three-tiered model suggested by Larry Crabb?
  25. According to the text, during the ______ phase, a client observes that he/she needs to change, though may not be convinced that he/she has the desire to do so.
  26. The authors of the text encourage the next generation of Christian counselors to develop what kind of models of understanding based on the religious and cultural traditions of various Christian populations that they work with often.
  27. The guiding principle that provides the spiritual and ethical standard of practice in the task of healing is the Greatest Commandment.
  28. Which of the following should counselors not do in their first contact with a client?
  29. Romantic relationships and other types of dual relationships between clients and counselors are generally not a problem as long as the counselor proceeds with caution.
  30. According to the text, what does the “E” stand for in BECHRISTLIKE Christ-centered Multimodal Assessment Tool?
  31. Which of the following was identified as a gift in the text?
  32. According to the text, assessment can be compared to _____, in that it involves an accurate assessment of the patient’s problems, goals, abilities, and deficits that will impact the process of goal attainment.
  33. It is not a duty for Christian counselors to be involved in “spiritual-forming,” which helps the Spirit of God form into the lives of clients.
  34. Regarding spiritual gifts in counseling, which of the following is NOT one of the fruits of the Spirit that counselors are filled with?
  35. Counselors with ______ orientation tend to focus on what clients think and the consequences.
  36. An important role of biblical counselors is to
  37. The final step of the Competent Christian Counseling model involves the natural progression of counseling to _____.
  38. Which of the following is NOT one of the models mentioned in the text for how people are oriented?
  39. In the text, it is mentioned that Paul identified ___ gifts in 1 Corinthians 12:8-10.
  40. If Jesus Christ is the perfect and only answer to the problem of sin, then He is also the supreme model for counseling.


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