Get Best CHEM 120 Unit 5 Lab: OL Lab 9: Building Models of Organic Compounds


Get Best CHEM 120 Unit 5 Lab OL Lab 9 Building Models of Organic Compounds


Learning Objectives:

  • Build virtual models to learn about the structure of organic compounds
  • Draw extended structural formulas of organic compounds

Compounds that are based on carbon atom are known as organic compounds.  These compounds commonly contain, nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen in addition to carbon. Carbon forms a variety of covalent compounds with varied properties. Carbon-containing compounds are formed by sharing electrons, covalent bonds, between atoms. Most biomolecules, as well as most drugs, are classified as organic compounds. In this laboratory exercise, you will build models of organic compounds virtually and draw the extended structural formula of organic compounds. 

Online Modeling Resource:

Exploration 1: Building models of Hydrocarbons
Exploration 2: Identification of Functional Groups 

Part 2A: Building functional groups
Functional groups alter the properties of hydrocarbons. Using the virtual resource build the extended structural formulas of the following compounds.  Copy and paste the images into the space below.

Part 2B: Identification of functional groups: Complete the table below by identifying the functional groups and names of the condensed structural formulas below. 

Exploration 3: Building hydrocarbons containing functional groups
Using the virtual resource build the extended structural formulas of the following compounds.  Copy and paste the images into the space below.


  1. Write the names of a biomolecule (also known as macromolecule) that contains each of the functional groups below.
  2. Find an example of an ester used as a fragrance or flavoring and give the name, condensed structural formula, and flavor of your chosen ester.
  3. For each of the following, give the functional group and application 

Reflection:  Consider what you learned from this simulation. Reflect on three to four key concepts that you learned in this lab exercise. How could the lessons learned in this virtual lab relate to a real-world situation in the community/world or your future career?  Be specific in your answer (this should require 5-10 sentences).


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